Teachers cannot chase runaway student

  peter99co 13:24 07 Mar 2009

How stupid is this?

click here

  carver 13:30 07 Mar 2009

Sorry but running is now classed as PE and can only be done by a qualified teacher under health and safety rules.

  Forum Editor 13:33 07 Mar 2009

Extremely - I wouldn't land a child with name 'River'.

  Forum Editor 13:34 07 Mar 2009

it seems to me that a bit of extra fencing would solve the problem once and for all.

  canarieslover 13:34 07 Mar 2009

Might have known that the river would be running.

  carver 13:45 07 Mar 2009

"it seems to me that a bit of extra fencing would solve the problem once and for all"

Totally agree with you and putting about 20.000 volts through it should solve the problem with some kids.

  donki 15:14 07 Mar 2009

Does the mother not see how stupid she looks by blaming others for her kid running off. Say the teacher did grab the kid and he was hurt in the slightest can you imagine her outrage then? If I had of done that once I would not have done it again in fear of the wooden spoon. Its the same as the mother of the sunbed teen, dont blame others for your kid being stupid or badly behaved.

  Charence 21:53 07 Mar 2009

and I don't mean the council's policy or the teachers.

I thought school gates were there to prevent vandals from going in and stop footballs from rolling onto the road. I didn't realise school children had to be caged in so they would not escape, I thought rules enforced this.

Maybe a bit more parenting required?

  Picklefactory 09:10 09 Mar 2009

"Maybe a bit more parenting required?"

I think you are a little out of touch :o)
Good parenting is rapidly going out of fashion. It seems to be only for older generations, current fashion is to let 'em do as they please and God forbid you actually attempt any form of discipline, as they know their rights.

In hindsight, you didn't emphasise GOOD parenting, so maybe the statement is accurate after all. :o)

  Charence 09:32 09 Mar 2009

well.. something is better than nothing...

Perhaps click here should be a compulsory training video when people give birth. :-)

  ronalddonald 22:19 10 Mar 2009

very odd back in the 1970's if you ran the teacher chased after you because of safety for the child. Now the councils go and change things not for the better for the worser for children. I know kids use to run out of primary school because they could hack it. What is this pitiful country of the uk coming to. What are we teaching our kids, run away from problems or face them, run away from fears or face them.

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