Teacher sacked after taking pupils sledging

  peter99co 18:12 11 Jan 2011

Lack of common sense?

I think they have lost a good teacher.

An independent assessment had later been made of the sledging which concluded "no significant risk" was presented by Mr Tremelling's actions.

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  Uboat 18:22 11 Jan 2011

As ive said MANY times! "health and safety" gone totaly wrong! in the UK

If my son was one of the kids & he fell of and hurt himself i'd say "Oh well" kids will be kids NOT Solicitor! Kids in school is supposed to be a place of fun as well as to be taught!

letting kids play on a sledge is hardly excessive, in fact what happened to how we where 20/30 years ago when kids played in muck and filth amongst hills and in tree's now the health and safety law's want kids to be like cardboard cut outs! LET THEM LIVE!!

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  userious? 19:14 11 Jan 2011

You couldn't make it up.

  Grey Goo 19:36 11 Jan 2011

Nothing to do with Health and Safety. It got up some small minded group of nonentities noses that he made a decision without putting it into a written request and getting it approved by their various committee's. This undermines their authority, and that would never do,Oh dear no.

  Noldi 20:02 11 Jan 2011

Glad my kids grew up in Europe. Sledging was part of the education, but I must say Skiing crash helmets were obligatory.


  gibfish26 20:12 11 Jan 2011

did cameron not say he was going to put a stop to all this nonsense,"another broken promise".


  peter99co 20:15 11 Jan 2011

This was in school grounds. Not quite the same terrain I think.

  peter99co 20:18 11 Jan 2011

I think he is quite busy at this time and it did happen in Feb 2009.

  Grey Goo 20:22 11 Jan 2011

I am guessing that they were not racing out of control down the North face of the Eiger. Most likely one kid was sitting on the thing and it would need to be pushed by the other to gain any forward momentum, hardly a requirement for full Kevlar body armour. It could just be they don't like him being a soldier,who knows how their minds work.

  Noldi 20:24 11 Jan 2011

"This was in school grounds. Not quite the same terrain I think."

No not exactly. But 2 people have had fatal accidents in the last few days.

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Sorry article in German.


  Chegs ®™ 20:38 11 Jan 2011

small minded busybodies who didnt like having their 'authority' underminded

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