Tax Return - how will you do yours?

  Sir Radfordin 17:29 03 Jun 2005

I can't believe I'm the only one who has to do a self assesment tax return given the high numbers of people charging here and there for their IT services and posting to this site...! will you do yours? Paper, online, software?

Have for the last few years done it online with the IR website and found the process quick, easy and on the whole pain free. Work messed up my P60 this year which has complicated things but there we go.

The IR do seem to have a website that just does what it needs to and works - that is if you do it well in advance of the dead line!

  Sapins 18:59 03 Jun 2005

Just done it on line this afternoon found it real easy and, they say I have a rebate of £132 to come!

I won't do it any other way now:-)

  De Marcus 22:40 03 Jun 2005

I've been doing it ever since the service came online, I can't criticise it at all, it does what it's supposed to do ao it gets 10 out of 10 from me, however the Hm C&E search engine leaves little to be desired!, basic is what it is and they should update their search criteria, however for a government department website it's in top form for useability.

  Giant68 12:54 04 Jun 2005

I'm lucky, for the past 12 years the taxman has sent me a tax return to fill in. This year he sent me a letter saying that I don't have to do one anymore! Maybe he has cottoned on to the fact that I am on PAYE and all I do is enter my earnings from my P60, sign it and return it, seemed a bit pointless to me!


  Forum Editor 11:00 05 Jun 2005

now have their tax returns completed for them in Bangalore, by people who are experts in the complexities of the American taxation system.

The processed data go back to America, where the individual returns are certified and filed by their owners. It all works like clockwork, and as far as I know, so does our online tax-return system. In the future I expect to see more and more people making online returns. Just where the data processing is done doesn't particularly matter, and I anticipate that more and more of it will be done on the Indian sub-continent, where they're showing the world what outsourcing really means in terms of efficiencies.

  engsurv 09:48 06 Jun 2005

notes that on these forums many talk about computer hacking, stealing of identities and banking system security. I am all for an easy life, but do we realy want to put all our tax details online?

  smy13 21:58 06 Jun 2005

Can't seeing it making any diffrence they've got you by the short and curlies anyway. always used the online option as I've found it quick and easy

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