Tax office 'at melting point'

  peter99co 21:10 09 Sep 2010

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Good Luck if you have a tax problem.

"Morale is lower than I've ever known it since I've been with the department," she believes.

"People are just desperate to get out, they wonder why they come into work in the morning."

GB left a bit of a mess when he went didn't he?

  Armchair 21:46 09 Sep 2010

For the wages, missus.

  john 52 22:05 09 Sep 2010

We will see if in 5 years time you are still sprouting your rubbish about the previous Government but then why change a habit of a lifetime !when Labour came to power in 1997 the country was on its knees with virtually no NHS service and still trying to recover from Black Wednesday not to mention the rioting on the streets in the late 1980s ? Was GB to blame for that as well ?
If you think morale is at a low now check back when there are less staff trying to do the same work but no doubt you think civil servants just drink tea all day long waiting to get there index linked pensions ! How little you know .
GB made mistakes there is no doubt about that but you like many other people seem unable to read through the spin put out by our tabloid press

  john 52 22:08 09 Sep 2010

Thank you Fourum member for pointing that out !
My comments were made for the original poster

  Grey Goo 22:48 09 Sep 2010

Black Wednesday was in 1992 and the country was doing alright in 1997.

  peter99co 23:15 09 Sep 2010

I had a feeling that GB and TB may have been in charge recently or did I miss something?

Or could it have been they were not responsible for HMRC affairs in the last few years?

  Forum Editor 00:26 10 Sep 2010

has got little to do with GB leaving " a bit of a mess" or with "spin put out by our tabloid press".

It's the result of past governments of both colours choosing to ignore what most sane people can see is blindingly obvious - our tax laws are in desperate need of revision, so that returns and collection can be more easily managed.

The current chaos isn't the fault of the people who work at HMRC or the previous government, it's the outward sign of a serious legislative malaise. We need sweeping changes in the way we manage our tax revenue system...and a computer system that works.

  john 52 09:48 10 Sep 2010

The recent financial troubles are more due to external circumstances just as much as Black Wednesday was!! Instead of trying to blame GB for everything why not admit that over the 13 years in Government they achieved many good things but made some big mistakes as no doubt the current Government will do !!

My comment about "spin put out by our tabloid press"was in reference to Peters blinkered view that everything is down to GB as this seems the line taken by most newspapers .

When people are blaming governments for our recent troubles some people would point the finger at financial deregulation and free markets,and a winner-takes-all society created in the 1980s under a Conservative Government which is nonsense of course

  peter99co 10:21 10 Sep 2010

Oops. Sorry to speak out of turn. 13 years is a long time to turn things round isn't it? I always though the buck stopped with the man at the top.

Some one else was making up the rules then?

  john 52 11:13 10 Sep 2010


You are entitled to your opinion Peter just as much as anyone else who posts on the forum but quite clearly your post was just to take a poke at GB . The British public must have been pretty happy with the way Government was run to keep in office 13 years or perhaps you think you should decide who governs the country .
As I stated ALL Government's make mistakes and this may be a shock for you even Conservative Government's do.

  spuds 12:34 10 Sep 2010

I can never understand how people tend to blame one person for any errors. The previous government didn't consist of one person, but many, and that included far more 'expert' advisor's on stand-by, than perhaps previous times.

It would appear that "it's the computer' is back in the frame as to any errors being made, but isn't it the human element that designs programs and humans who make the input in perhaps making these errors.

Management is another point of consideration, because over the years it would appear that we have management in all walks of life, that have degrees yet little actual knowledge on how systems truly work, including human resources.

Many council's seem to have the same problems when council tax (community charges) are calculated. Its either the system or the claimant who is to blame, never the administrator's.

A few years ago in my hometown, we had five taxation offices housed in primitive buildings. The government decided that an all purpose new build was required, and this duly went ahead, costing many millions of pounds. When the new place opened they had a very impressive 'public area' where most tax queries could be answered by a small team of advisor's within a short period of time, on an appointment or non-appointment basis. For 'staff purposes' the public area was later closed down, and all communications had to be completed via a call centre in Glasgow, yet all correspondence was dealt with at the 'new build'. This move made matters more difficult both for the staff and the public, but those in charge didn't see it that way. Now thats progression for you, and no wonder people are getting very dis-heartened!.

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