The tattoo and body piercing craze

  TopCat® 15:43 26 Sep 2011

The older I get the more I am concerned about the attempts some people take to be different from the rest of us. Tattoos used to be discreetly placed on the body and, usually, covered when socialising, but now it seems anything goes along with the desire to cover every inch of the skin with inkwork.

Don't get me wrong now, but when applied expertly the resulting artwork is, to me, absolutely stunning. But whatever is it now that drives many people of different ages to cover everything with tattoos?

As for the current body piercing fad, well that really doees make me cringe! TC.

The InkSpots!

  interzone55 15:59 26 Sep 2011

Some tattoos can be beautiful, and I do like a well placed tattoo on a lady, but I don't understand people who have facial tattoos.

Body piercing is another craze that's nice if done well, but I shudder when I see people who have those huge hoops stretching their earlobes.

I once spoke to a colleague in another office about her piercings, she had a couple of dozen at the time, so I innocently asked her to list them all, she's got to 19 when she reach her navel, so I asked her to stop there.

Body modification is the extreme end of this activity, and here we encounter some real nutters who engage in scarification, branding and inserting balls under their skin. I've even seen a girl who'd implanted horns under her scalp. Weird doesn't even start to cover it...

  Pine Man 16:31 26 Sep 2011

I find any visible tattoos absolutely abhorrent no matter how 'beautiful'.

  Blackhat 16:34 26 Sep 2011

I do not and will not have a tattoo, they can be atractive if small and well placed but they can also be humerous.

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  birdface 16:55 26 Sep 2011

They may look ok when you are young but will probably look terrible by the time you get to Seventy.

  Forum Editor 17:53 26 Sep 2011

buteman's point is the one that always strikes me.

At some point in the future there are going to be an awful lot of late middle-aged people who will regret covering their arms, legs,backs etc. with tattoos.

What might look terribly trendy now is going to look just plain silly in 30 years time.

  wiz-king 17:57 26 Sep 2011

I used to have a young girl working for me who had 3 tattos (one on each hip and she didn't tell me where the other one was) and at last count 26 piercings - and I haven't see all of the either!

  Woolwell 18:10 26 Sep 2011

Having been in the Navy for a long time I have seen many tattoos, some quite good but others plain ridiculous including a dotted line and cut here on the neck and mild and bitter by each nipple. The hunt scene was rare but eagles were frequent. I have also come across men who have had embarrassing tattoos eg ex girl friend's name and have tried to have them removed. In some cases skin grafts were required. Discrete tattoos (especially small ones) on women can look quite good but not when they are older. I have never understood tattoos on the head or neck. There is a risk of serious infections with tattoos.

I have never understood body piercing. When training sailors for fire fighting we had to warn them to remove piercings from sensitive areas as the metal conducts heat.

  Flak999 18:37 26 Sep 2011

I agree with buteman and FE, I will never forget when I was a teenager visiting a friends house and meeting his charming 70 year old grandmother. She offered me a cup of tea and as she went to make it I could not drag my gaze away from her heavily tattooed lower leg and ankle.

I could not make out what the tattoos were supposed to represent as they were just a splodge of dark faded colour on her wrinkled aged skin!

It was a most incongruous sight and it is a memory that has never left me, I suppose tattoos are the folly of youth, which are regreted at leisure in the old.

  onionskin 22:09 26 Sep 2011
  onionskin 22:13 26 Sep 2011

Ah. I didn't notice TopCat's link.

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