A Tasty Treat now that the Hot Weather is here

  Z1100 13:26 26 Apr 2007

Frozen Bananas.

Peel the Banana. (you knew that part already, didn't you?)

Slice it into 1cm or 2cm chunks.

Place them into an air tight bag and keep the slices spread out. Some overlapping is ok. All the slices at the bottom is bad.

Freeze for 3-4 hours then eat them before the kids see them!


  riiverstock 13:33 26 Apr 2007

Like wi-fi and some hi-fi isn't this dangerous.

I can see choking on the memu!

  riiverstock 13:36 26 Apr 2007

Yes I'm not quite sure what a memu is either.

  Kate B 14:41 26 Apr 2007

Ewwh. I hate bananas. And it's not hot. A temperature hovering around 18 degrees is most definitely not hot *wraps up warm*

But an interesting concept nonetheless. Now, if we're talking frozen Mars bars, that's another thing altogether *licks lips*

  dagbladet 14:53 26 Apr 2007

Not something I've ever considered but I'll give it a bash.

  georgemac © 15:32 26 Apr 2007

Up here we put our shorts on if it reaches 18 degrees!

  wolfie3000 15:34 26 Apr 2007

Reminds me of when i made beer lollies,

Pour beer into plastic cup with lollie stick in it,
Freeze, then eat, NOT for kids.

DO NOT use a glass or china cup as they can shatter when freezing.

  sinbads 15:40 26 Apr 2007

It will be allmost alcohol free ; but you could syphon off the alcohol for moon shine

  Kate B 16:07 26 Apr 2007

I don't shed my jumper until it's at least 25 degrees ...

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