Talking point - my antiques shop find

  Kate B 18:48 30 May 2007

In the spirit of Brumas's talking points, I found in an antiques shop today a rather wonderful outfit: the velvet tails and britches that apparently used to be compulsory wear for men being knighted until the first world war. However, I can't find anything further about the get-up: does anyone know anything more about this? I can't find any images on the web, either, and I'd love to see some pictures of similar garb being worn.

The britches are massive on me (obviously) but the tails are oddly wearable: the man it was made for must have been slight of build but barrel-chested.

  bremner 19:02 30 May 2007

Found this on Answers re the Garter ceremony - click here

There is a picture of Leopold I in full regalia - I do not know if this is what you were after.

  Kate B 19:17 30 May 2007

I don't think it's Garter regalia, just common-or-garden knighting gear. It's midnight-blue silk velvet with some lovely sparkly buttons; and the tails are the same shape as modern white-tie tails. Perhaps I'll take a photograph and post it ...

  Kate B 19:35 30 May 2007

Here's the jacket: cutaway tails, dark blue silk velvet, sparkly buttons click here

And here are the britches: enormous! click here

  realist 20:52 30 May 2007

Sir John is, I think, wearing your get-up but must be post WWI....
click here

  Kate B 20:55 30 May 2007

Yes, that's it! The chap in the shop said they stopped making these rigs in 1913, so I guess Sir John, bless him, must have inherited his ... ?

  realist 21:01 30 May 2007

Either that or he bought it from an antique shoppe in 1937...!

  Brumas 21:36 30 May 2007

Did someone mention my name?

I have looked through an old copy of The London Illustrated News but to no avail. I do feel it would be worth your while to scan through the archives, if you have the opportunity, as mention is made of 'knighting ceremonies' on this site

click here

however there are no images.

  STREETWORK 21:41 30 May 2007

Check the buttons...

Are they machines or hand made? the bloomers look post 1950...

  Kate B 21:52 30 May 2007

Thanks for the link, Brumas, I'll have a good browse. Streetwork, I think the buttons are machine-made: they're very uniform. Why do you say the bloomers look post-1950? The shopkeeper said these rigs weren't made after 1913, though I have no particular reason to believe him. The picture posted by realist suggests that's not the case, anyway.

  Brumas 21:56 30 May 2007

A sudden thought, are the archives of T.I.L.N. kept in London? If so, being a journalist,would you not be able to 'research' them?

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