Taking responsibility!

  monkeyboy21 17:26 19 Feb 2009

When are we going to stop blaming other people for our own stupidity!

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An unsupervised underage girl lacks the common sense to act responsibly and injures herself in a tanning salon. She then has the front to moan about it although signs are posted about the dangers.

When are we as a nation going to start accepting a little personal responsibility for our own actions and stop using the 'it wasn't my fault i shouldn't have been allowed to do it' compensation culture mentality to blame others?

  oresome 17:53 19 Feb 2009

The fact that people do stupid things is forseeable. Because it can be forseen, measures have to be taken to reduce the risk.

As these machines are capable of doing serious damage, I think it's reasonable that they are only used under the guidance of a trained operator on commercial premises.

  Forum Editor 18:04 19 Feb 2009

She ignored warning signs, and she's suffered the consequences of doing so.

Mind you, leaving machines like these unattended does seem rather a foolish thing to do. It ignores the old adage that if something can go wrong then eventually it will go wrong.

  newman35 18:08 19 Feb 2009

I watched the girl and her mother on the news and certainly the mother did seem to be acting reasonably, said it was the daughter's fault and just thought these places should not be unsupervised. Exactly my feelings.

  monkeyboy21 18:10 19 Feb 2009

She ignored warnings that No U16's were to use the equipment, she also refused to read the warning signs posted around the salon, then after deciding that 4 minutes was not enough put in enough for another 15 minutes. She didn't even have enough brain cells to remove her bra to prevent the label tan mark!

My point is when are we going to start policing ourselves rather than relying on everyone else to do it for us?

  newman35 18:21 19 Feb 2009

As the girl said, young girls will always 'push the boundaries' (as will boys).
Still dangerous to have unattended machines that can cause such damage - not as though it's a pin-ball game or anything.

  laurie53 20:23 19 Feb 2009

While it might not apply in this case, do remember that not everyone can read at age 14.

I used to teach H&S to salon operators and owners, and sun bed safety was one of the two areas I really used to go to town on.

  donki 22:25 19 Feb 2009

I also liked the way she denied even knowing the damage sunbed abuse can do. I am sure she has read enough "girly" magazines that state the dangers. IMO the girl and indeed her mother look increadably foolish trying to pin the blame on the owner, having said that i am sure unattended shops like these will soon be outlawed.

  donki 22:27 19 Feb 2009

Just a thought but if the said teenager was on holidays and didnt apply a good sun factor and lay out all day who would be to blame? Oh hold on she probably didnt know the danger.

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