taking it away from all this

  charmingman 00:25 01 May 2007

i love having a moment of CHILL its usely best at 1130PM late past bedtime-:-)
& my few songs are this:
Neil Young - Harvest Moon
Alexander O'Neal Sunshine
Zz Top - I Need You Tonight
Level 42 - Leaving Me Now
Tears for Fears - Women in Chains
to me these are so chilled out...with a point.love em sooo much
can u relate..?

  Forum Editor 00:30 01 May 2007

and we've done this so many times before.

  montyman 00:46 01 May 2007

yep its been done before FE relax differant styles & tunes are nice to see you should be FAR more open then that,people open up at differant times..fe
nice choise CM...loved the Alexander O'Neal Sunshine..brings back memories.....& fe whats yours..?

  wolfie3000 01:30 01 May 2007

I can relate, sort of,

9:00pm - 11:30pm Listen to bands like evanescence, nightwish, ect..

11:30pm - 3:00am Play Halo online with mates, listen to Death metal to get the adrenaline going :)

3:00am - 4:00am Listen to bands like Radiohead till chill out ready for bed.

Thats a usual night for me,

But as for chill out music theres nothing like enya or Ennio Morricone.

  Forum Editor 07:09 01 May 2007

Thanks for the advice that I should relax - much appreciated from someone who has been with us for five days.

  laurie53 10:45 01 May 2007

Relly getting past it.

I like Morricone and enya, but haven't heard of any of the others!

I normally wind down to theJazz on digital.

  rodriguez 21:32 01 May 2007

After a night in the pub/late bar:

1am - 2am: Usually whatever I fancy really that's quite loud and good on the headphones (classic rock, party tunes, dance music, if I've drunk enough then some 80s)

2am - 3am: Still on the headphones, but slower stuff like Elton John, Phil Collins etc. or some slower indie

Between 3am and 4am: bedtime - amp gets turned right down, headphones come out then a Windows Media playlist of Enya, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone (the theme from the Mission is a favourite), Sacred Spirit, tracks from the Ibiza chillout CDs and the Karma disc from Gatecrasher Experience - all this is then put on random and repeat and plays until I fall asleep and then I wake up in the morning with it still playing quietly in dim light. Quite nice if anyone wants to try it - certainly better than waking up with a hangover from taking the booze too fast and too much. :-)

  mammak 21:51 01 May 2007

couldn't stay awake that long lol

I am a funny one with music but like a wide variety

at the moment Snow patrol is my most up to date fave

James Blunt never become bored with him or his looks :-)

my all time faves are Steve Earl,Fleetwood Mac, UB40,Bob Marley ,Del Amitri,Stevie Winnwood,The Eagles

easy listening is Shania Twain, Savage Garden, Smokie I could go on forever I like loads.

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