Take over?

  Les 13:28 30 Jul 2007

Talking point:

I see that 'Liberty Global' are interested in Virgin Cable. Liberty Global run companies in Europe, Japan and Latin America and are the biggest cable company in Europe.

I wonder if this is bad for the customer? Is this already huge company getting bigger and bigger until they are the only such provider?

Is there the danger that they could, if the above should happen, dictate the price and raise it as they see fit in the knowledge that you couldn't get cable from any other provider.

Time to think?

  octal 14:16 30 Jul 2007

Considering that most of Europe, certainly Japan, I'm not sure about Latin America, they have access to faster and cheaper Broadband than we have in the UK it might be good, there again we are talking rip off Britain here, putting on my cynical hat. I'm not sure about TV cable services, but a big company might give Murdoch something to think about.

  Kate B 14:32 30 Jul 2007

It's about economies of scale. When you're huge, adding another company to your portfolio increases your efficiency while adding to your revenues.

  Les 17:52 30 Jul 2007

Like Octal, I too have a cynical hat - perhaps age has soured me somewhat! To me, big is not beautiful and the thought of being, perhaps, eventually confined just to one or two suppliers is not a happy one. Perhaps I am too pessimistic - perhaps not. Time will, of course tell.

  oresome 20:34 30 Jul 2007

You're not exactly spoilt for choice with cable companies now in the UK so I don't see that it will make any difference.

The competition is between the various forms of delivery.

  Les 22:19 30 Jul 2007

Perhaps we are spoilt for choice Oresome - at the moment, but, once you have these huge companies, do you think that they will be satisfied to remain as they are? If they offer super deals we, me included, will go for them, eventually perhaps those smaller concerns will fold.

BT are another huge company and the profits they make are enormous - but have they attempted to improve the lot of people who live 1 mile away from an enabled exchange? Their copper wires will be with us for a long time to come I'm afraid. With more and more people moving on to Broadband then this means of delivery will get slower and slower ( at peak hours that is) so I suppose that cable will become the preferred method - perhaps Liberty realise this and see Virgin as being even more profitable in the future.

A similar situation started years ago when the Supermarkets came into existence. The small corner shops which, up to them were one (at least) to a street feared that their customers would disappear - and they did. We now have just two 'corner' shops left in quite a large area - these are run by Asian people and really do 'open all hours' - they have to in order to exist at all. Now the Supermarkets are moving on into several different lines - who knows where that will lead.

I may not like the way things are going but one thing is absolutely certain - there's nothing you or I can do about it.

Having read this through I could excuse you for thinking that I'm a miserable old cynic - I assure you that I'm not - just seeing things as they are (IMHO) after throwing away my rose coloured specs. <G>

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