tail-gaiting;a rant

  p;3 20:43 10 Dec 2006

driving in the dark and rain, therefore leaving a reasonable gap between the car infront of me and driving at far less than the speed limit; managed to get an idiot of a tailgaiter ; right up my bumper; can he stop in time as I have to stop as the car in front of me is turning; then decides to try and overtake with a car coming towards us;the lights on full beam behind me, horn blasting away; so I slow down ,as if I try to stop he will be in my boot; lights flashing vigorously behind me to try and givvey me up; so I am slowing down to hopefully prevent an accident ; finally got rid of him when we chose different routes but even THEN a long blast of the hooter and probably a finger gesture in my direction;

but WHY must they INSIST on parking themselves right on my bumper ( or as near as dam it) and expect me to continue at the speed limit ( or more as they are in a hurry ( to get killed) ); and especially when it is wet and dark

I did not see if anyone was in another car and racing them;more concerned about my own safety and not getting smashed up by their being unable to stop in time with their being so close to my bumper;


  Brumas 20:49 10 Dec 2006

That over-taker will soon be meeting an Undertaker!

  ulrich 20:54 10 Dec 2006

I watch them on my drive to work all lined up, and all applying their brakes one after the other, even on the straight bits.

  p;3 20:54 10 Dec 2006

at one stage of this ridiculous episode, I was sorely tempted, at an occasion when we had to stop for traffic problems, to get out of my car and ask him if he WAS in a hurry ( to get killed)

  sean-278262 21:59 10 Dec 2006

Leave em be. They crash into you, guess who's fault it is. Ignore them and carry on driving in a save and sane manner. Not your problem to baby sit em! Look out for number one and make sure you get home safe for christmas.

  Forum Editor 22:33 10 Dec 2006

I regularly drive the M25, M1, M11 and A1M, and on all those roads I'm regularly tailgated. I don't exactly slouch along, but no matter what speed I'm doing there'll be someone who comes hammering up to within a few feet of my car.

My wife says it's the car - people want to show they can pass me - but I don't think so. I'm happy for people to pass, and I'll make way when I can, but often it's not all that easy. Sit on the M25 in the rush hour and you'll be in three (sometimes four) lanes of cruising traffic, all going at about the same speed, and still people tailgate.

It creates tension, and I'm always delighted to move over and let these foolish people through.

  wee eddie 22:34 10 Dec 2006

The other day driving up the M6 in the rain, it became heavy and the above happened, the car started floating, so I slowed and carried on at around 45 which appeared safe.

Cars were belting by me, several of them with wheels that appeared to be clear of the road surface. There were a number of drivers that apparently had no intention of slowing. It was a terrifying experience.

  p;3 22:44 10 Dec 2006

what you say is one of the reasons why I quite deliberately slow down; I wish to retain control of my vehicle; if driving slowly in attricious weather conditions is the way to do it..then so be it. but I woudl like those around me to get me get on with it and not hassle me to drive faster; the absolute IDIOT I got this evening was a complete menace; I have another drive to do later tonight ( taxi service); I just hope I am left alone and not tailgated AGAIN

or maybe the car from earlier is sitting there just waiting for.....

  Fred Heartsun 22:54 10 Dec 2006

Switch on your rear fog lights for a second or two. That usually makes them back off.

  BT 08:13 11 Dec 2006

I was driving my motorcycle home from work at 6am one wet sunday morning in the dark and a car behind me was far too close with headlights full on. This was blinding in my mirrors so I speeded up until I was doing agout 45mph in a 30mph area and still the pr*t was there.
I came to a T junction and had to stop. As I stopped the car behing suddenly sprouted flashing blue lights and a PC got out and came over to me.
He said "I clocked you doing 55mph along the High Street", which I denied. Then he said "didn't you see me behind you and don't you think you were going far too fast for the weather conditions" to which I replied "I was trying to put some distance between me and the idiot behind me driving far too close for the weather conditions, and blinding me with his headlights"

He had no answer to this and said "Ok on your way and just be careful"

  radi8or 08:50 11 Dec 2006

I find the best way to deter tailgaters is to set up one of your windscreen washer jets to squirt over the roof, get a tailer give him a squirt.

Mmmmm nobody seems to want to tail me when i'm driving my cement tanker, even at 40mph, wonder why.

Regards Bob

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