T-Mobile annoyance

  DANZIG 10:40 17 Apr 2009

About a week ago I got a text from T-Mobile saying they were doing some work on their network to make it better and as a consequence they may be issues with said network while the maintenance was being done.

Fair enough I thought.

However this has been going on for a week now and the one place I can't get coverage on my phone is at work! Which kinda defeats the point in having the mobile in the first place.

Anyone else having issues with T-Mobile?

  birdface 11:15 17 Apr 2009

Maybe give them a ring and explain your problem.
I had a similar problem with orange and they changed where I was picking the signal up from to a different location and it worked Ok from there.
I always presumed you picked up the signal from the nearest location.
Mind you that was about 6 years ago so things have probably changed since then.But still worth a phone call.

  DANZIG 11:42 17 Apr 2009

I've just emailled them now, so I'll see if any response comes from that.

A contact of mine on the evil Facebook (lol) is experiencing the same thing

  Forum Editor 00:55 18 Apr 2009

but I have experienced no problems at all. I didn't receive any text message from them, so it must be a localised, area-specific thing.

  DANZIG 08:34 21 Apr 2009

I've had e-mail contact with them now. They say they have checked the postcode area of where I work and can see no problem.

They suggest a few things to do with my phone (take the battery out and such like) and have tried to flog me a new sim card!!!

I have e-mailed them back telling them my internet dongle is also displaying the same behaviour ever since I received the original text stating work on the network was being done, which lends me to believe it is nothing to do with my phone, its a network issue.

  DANZIG 08:53 22 Apr 2009

Have now had an e-mail stating that there IS a problem with one of the transmitters in my work postcode area (wish they'd make their mind up!)

They don't know when it will be fixed by though, which isn't very useful.

Have e-mailed them back to complain about why I was told it was obviously my phone that was at fault (and urged to shell out another tenner) when it wasn't, why I'm not getting the service I'm paying for and how long this is expected to take.

Really quite annoyed now.

  octal 19:44 24 Apr 2009

Sounds like a good time to change your provider. I had exactly the same problem with Orange and they couldn't give a date when the service was going to be improved, so on that basis I cancelled the contract as they where unable to offer me a service I had paid for and they honoured it.

By the way, keep all correspondence as I found out that nobody talks to each other in those organisations, I had to send them the copy of a letter I received from technical services admitting they had a 'hole' in the network before they agreed to cancel the contract.

  Charence 20:29 24 Apr 2009

I didn't know you could cancel a contract like that? I assume there were no penalties?

I'm using T-mobile. At my home address, the coverage checker online estimates a 4/5 signal strength, but I rarely get any signal even if I go outdoors. Unlike DANZIG though, I've had this trouble since day 1.

  DANZIG 08:38 25 Apr 2009

It looks like its been sorted now. The coverage went back to normal yesterday which I'm quite glad about.

Still annoyed about being lied to though.

  octal 09:52 25 Apr 2009

No penalties at all, which surprised me as well. I did mention that I was going to take the matter up with Harrow trading standards, maybe that had something to do with it, I don't know. By the way, the letter came from the Vice President of Orange confirming the network problems, not as I previously stated from Tech services and that was the copy of the letter that I sent back to them.

  ened 10:34 25 Apr 2009

I have a PAYG mobile with Orange and hardly ever use it. It really is there for emergencies.

I have had it for ten years now and top it up with a fiver as and when required (I have spent no more than £15:00 in that time and still have four left).

My elderly parent, by contrast, didn't use his O2 phone for a while and they cut him off. This was especially inconvenient because he had broken down in the middle of nowhere.

Until there was a recent thread on this subject I didn't realise this was an issue.

Good for Orange and long may they continue with this policy!

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