Swiss vote on death penalty

  Noldi 18:06 24 Aug 2010

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Can’t see it happening. But wait and see.

The driving infringement penalties are stiff enough.


  peter99co 18:12 24 Aug 2010

The driving infringement penalties are stiff enough.

But does this stop bad driving?

  Forum Editor 18:49 24 Aug 2010

Switzerland has about 50 road accident fatalities per million people per annum. In the UK we have around 54.

Contrast those figures with Greece, where they have 159 fatalities per million per year, and you can see that Switzerland has a far better safety record.

  Quickbeam 20:17 24 Aug 2010

Is the death penalty be for driving infringements?

  wiz-king 21:16 24 Aug 2010

If it is then it gets my vote!

  Noldi 06:21 25 Aug 2010

If you took out the motor bike fatalities that happen on the mountain roads in the summer then the record would be a lot better. A lot of Germans etc come to ride the roads on the weekends and a few dont go back. I know the police are trying to crack down on this because people dont actually break the law by speeding, they are just too fast for the tight corners witn a drop over the side.


  Noldi 10:31 25 Aug 2010

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Swedish motorist caught 9th august 2010 doing 290 Kmh (180 mph) on the motorway close to Bern. 1,080,000 swiss franks fine (£680,000).


  Noldi 11:22 25 Aug 2010

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Found link in English.

  timsmith259 12:03 25 Aug 2010

what about skateboarding and roller skating

  peter99co 19:15 25 Aug 2010

Why do they think they need to bring back the death penalty? Are there a lot of offences of the nature being discussed. We seem to have a problem in GB. (offences against children) Is there a comparison?

  lotvic 15:12 30 Aug 2010

What are we supposed to be discussing?
Referendum for the Death penalty for murder or the present state of the driving infringement penalties

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