Swine Flu

  laurie53 20:12 27 Apr 2009

Oh No, not Scotland again!

I remember when the dead swan was found about half a mile from my house (which turned out to have never set foot, or wing, in Scotland anyway, it just drifted over).

More helicopters than the Tet offensive, and dramatic language enough to curdle the blood.

That's any local news gone for a ball of chalk for about a week!

  johndrew 20:21 27 Apr 2009

Apparently there is no need to worry. The two people concerned only have `mild` symptoms and no one has died in the UK - yet.

However it is the same strain that caused deaths in 1918 - granted medicine was far from what it is today; they didn`t have MRSA then!!!!!

Anyway it will be a change from the economic, political, sleaze, expenses ...............

And it may do the goverment a favour and get rid of all us `oldies` that only take from the system!!!!!

  jack 20:26 27 Apr 2009

worse than they really are.
Although there have been pandemics of various pathogens in the past and surely will be in the future- People in good health may or may not get it, and if they do- will get better.
The Old and very young and vunerable/ weak will be the ones to succumb.
There are vaccines now - but virus[ and bacterium] are constantly evolving, so that with the best technology available- man will always be 10 steps behind.
Thats life

  jack 20:29 27 Apr 2009

But the SA was and has also been around - longer than man himself- The MR bit is Methylin Resistant
that is the pathogen has evolved to be resistant to the medication.

  Helen. 20:33 27 Apr 2009

to put ya off ya bacon buttie:-(

  newman35 20:55 27 Apr 2009

Parliament would appear to be at the greatest risk of swine fever - all those Members with their noses in the trough for so long!

  peter99co 21:15 27 Apr 2009

I get a bit concerned when the expert says "its what we've been waiting for.

Did I get Hong Kong or Spanish flu years ago?
It made my joints ache for a couple of weeks.

  perpetual motion 21:37 27 Apr 2009

ok on the other hand this time lastnight it wasnt in europe! NOW its here in the uk & in spain!

if its that fast we all need to be very carefull!

  newman35 22:04 27 Apr 2009

"if its that fast we all need to be very carefull!"

It's modern jets that are that fast - it's spreading by people coming back off holiday, business etc.

  Quickbeam 22:15 27 Apr 2009

There's some pretty grim, or is it hysterical hypotheses going around about this click here Is the grim reaper really just around the corner? click here

On the plus side the pensions crisis and prison overcrowding will be solved...

  Forum Editor 23:14 27 Apr 2009

tend to be greeted in three ways. There are the panickers, those who foretell the end of life as we know it, and there are the jokers - people who nervously shift from foot to foot, giggling about the situation, whilst hoping against hope that nothing will come of it.

Finally there those who understand that here is something that might come to nothing, but equally well might have very serious consequences for a lot of people. Swine flu is scary because it's new. It's something about which we know little specifically - at least in humans - but it's a flu, and we've all had flu at some point in our lives. All flu viruses can kill, but some kill far more rapidly than others. This one seems to be moving closer to a pandemic classification, but it's not there yet. There are two more stages before that happens - the next one being human to human transmission in at least two countries.

The virus is obviously outside Mexico now, so we have to sit tight and see what happens. If we start seeing more cases here in people who haven't travelled from Mexico it will be appropriate to start worrying properly.

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