Swallows and Swifts?

  muddypaws 09:50 05 Jul 2012

No sign of either in my part of DA3, Longfield, Kent.

Has someone else got mine?!

  Quickbeam 10:01 05 Jul 2012

Plenty in the DN5 area once the rain stops and they start skimming over the park lakes and local wetlands (which are very wet this year!) to gorge on flying bugs.

  Aitchbee 10:25 05 Jul 2012

We usually get swifts or house-martins making their nests at the back of the buildings (just under the roof guttering) on horizontal drain-pipes. (20 pipes available).There are nests on six of them...I just had a look.

  muddypaws 11:08 05 Jul 2012

Mind you--I wouldn't have blamed them for staying in Africa this year!

An old school was pulled down a few hundred yards away last November so perhaps they were a bit flummoxed.

  carver 14:11 05 Jul 2012

Might have yours at the stables, got 3 pair this year up from 2 last year.

Best part is 1 pair have to fly right past you to get into the tack room for their nest and to have one fly past your head at whatever speed they do is a bit unnerving at first.

But we do now have 9 chicks at the stables.

  johndrew 14:38 05 Jul 2012

I thought horses had foals not chicks!!!

  interzone55 16:14 05 Jul 2012

We have a couple of Swallows in LA6 - even managed to get close enough to photograph one on our wire fence


Hopefully you can see this post without logging into the site...

  muddypaws 19:33 05 Jul 2012


I get the log in page I fear.

  interzone55 19:44 05 Jul 2012

Oh well, nothing too impressive

  morddwyd 20:11 05 Jul 2012

Very thin on the ground this year.

In the past we've seen twenty or thirty swallows every day hawking over the field opposite, this year maybe one or two every few days.

Similarly swifts. Up to dozen screeching around the house every day usually, this year I've seen two or three about twice.

  flycatcher1 22:02 05 Jul 2012

Very few Martins, Swifts or Swallows here in downtown OX28. Not only that our beloved Spotted Flycatchers have failed to appear this year. Very few flies, midges or butterflies about either and maybe this why the Flycatchers went elsewhere.

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