Surprised this one has not come on the forum

  Cymro. 12:55 10 Jul 2010

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The story has been running in the media for days and yet no one has bought the matter up on this Forum. I have not been on the forum myself but when I logged on today I thought there would be a long thread about it.

Law and order are usually subjects that are very popular on here but not this one it seems. Do you think there is any particular reason why this one did not make it on the forum?
Sorry if I have missed it somewhere along the line

  Woolwell 12:58 10 Jul 2010
  Cymro. 13:10 10 Jul 2010

I did not scroll down enough to check properly. Due apologies to all.

So what do you make of the way it ended then?
I suppose it was all rather inevitable. He was a very troubled man with many problems. I also think he and society were let down very badly by the criminal justice system.

  Kevscar1 14:34 10 Jul 2010

At least he had the decency to end his own life rather than forcing a police officer to shoot him.

  bri-an 15:14 10 Jul 2010

Yes, very interesting and very true in my opinion.

Was watching BBC news channel earlier and it was terrible, an interviewer plucking a guy off the village street and trying to make him say something interesting about the situation - but it seems he'd only been out last night and got stuck in the road block! Yet he was grilled incessantly to try and elicit anything at all !!

24 hour news has a lot to answer for, I suppose.

  Flak999 15:21 10 Jul 2010

"So what do you make of the way it ended then?"

It strikes me it ended in the best possible way it could have ended! A violent murderer took his own life and prevented the police having to end this killing spree with a bullet from their weapons.

As for the justice system having failed this "paranoid narcissist" what would you have had them do? His character was such that know amount of touchy feely counselling would have had any effect on this man.

click here this article illustrates the type of person Moat was. If the Police had taken him alive we the taxpayer would have had to pay for a trial and a defence then when he was inevitably found guilty and sent back to prison we would have had to pay for his incarceration.

Then at some indeterminate point in the future he no doubt would have been released to become a threat to the public all over again!

Perhaps the most selfless act this man ever committed was committing suicide, at a stroke he has saved the taxpayer a fortune and has removed the possibility of him ever ruining someone else's life in the future.

Good riddance I say!

  tullie 15:49 10 Jul 2010

At least he has saved us all a lot of money,i have no pity for this man whatsoever,no doubt though there are still the do gooders around .

  Cymro. 15:59 10 Jul 2010

No not many, not on this forum just some of us who have a bit of sympathy for our fellow man.

There was a time and place when the mentally ill were put to death by the state. I think there are some on this forum who would do the same in this country today. We are suppose to be a modern civilised society. A country is judged by the way it deals with people like this man.

  bri-an 16:10 10 Jul 2010

Well said.

  folsom 16:15 10 Jul 2010

A country is judged by the way it deals with people like this man. says Cymro, So how would you have dealt with this guy then?

  Cymro. 16:20 10 Jul 2010

I would have thought he should have been locked up in a secure mental institution and probably for the rest of his life.

The prison psychiatric service has a lot to answer for in this and far too many other similar cases.

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