spikeychris 12:36 15 Oct 2009

Have you ever met someone and been surprised at how they actually appear in ‘real life'?

I’ve just been working with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and hold on to your hats but his audience later described him as very charismatic!

Do you know what?…He was!!

  wiz-king 13:04 15 Oct 2009

But - when you see your results he will still look 'flat'.

  interzone55 16:31 15 Oct 2009

I was once at a regional film premier and the place was full of second rate celebs.

Some had been paid to appear, so were "in character" so to speak, but many were "off duty" with their kids and it was lovely to see them acting just like normal people. Most surprising perhaps was Ian Brown (ex Stone Roses) being a normal dad rather than a mouthy rock star...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:47 15 Oct 2009

Well the clips I have seen of him must have had some wicked editing because he appears as limp as a dead eel.


  ened 16:56 15 Oct 2009

Eighteen months ago I met this short and skinny, flat-chested, greasy-haired and generally scruffy girl in Newquay.

Afterwards I was told who she was and, on looking her up, I found this glamorous beauty with 'big' hair in a lovely red dress, on the red carpet at the OSCARS.

It was Juliette Lewis, ex-actress now a Rock chick with her band Juliette & the Licks.

  Pine Man 17:02 15 Oct 2009

'short and skinny, flat-chested, greasy-haired and generally scruffy'

Yep - that's Gordon Brown!

  tullie 17:08 15 Oct 2009

Never heard of Juliette and the Licks,or Juliette

  Forum Editor 17:31 15 Oct 2009

and was very impressed. She came across as extremely clever, and charming with it.

  spuds 17:42 15 Oct 2009

Three people come to mind, straight away. Lulu,Princess Anne and Prince Charles. Involved with all three, and they were nothing like their 'on-stage' act.

  Brumas 17:50 15 Oct 2009

I have to say ,I have met Bingalau, MacScouse and LongHaired One and wasn't at all surprised.
They were all horrible, bad-tempered, ugly boring people ;o)
I was going to say rude things about them but they bribed me with kindness, generosity and sparkling wit - and a blank cheque !!

  Noldi 18:48 15 Oct 2009

My experience people are NOT how the press like to portray them especially with non UK sports personalities. I met a very successful German man who was a complete cheat and a low life who turned out to be the most focused person I have ever met and took a interest in you if you spoke to him. Unlike certain English personalities I have the displeasure of coming across.


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