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  karmgord 18:27 29 Dec 2009

Since Swindon stopped supporting speed cameras accidents & fatalities have FALLEN,if nothing else it proves that speed cameras DON'T always improve road safety,in fact the speed camera on the M11 near Woodford has INCREASED the incidence of accidents.
One thing is certain,they generate vast sums in fines.

  Forum Editor 18:40 29 Dec 2009

I think the real contributing factor as far as accidents are concerned is that just before the camera the speed limit falls from 70mph to 50mph.

I know the camera very well, and anyone who drives the road regularly is wary of that sudden speed limit decrease. The camera should be removed and the speed reduction retained - then motorists would only have one thing to contend with. It would be interesting to see what would happen to the accident statistics if that was tried.

That single camera generates around £1million a year for Essex County Council, and I can't see them giving that up without a fight.

  karmgord 19:12 29 Dec 2009

They will NEVER remove it as it's the BIGGEST CASH COW in Essex,and about the third in the country.
Despite the figures CLAERLY showing an increase in accidents.
I would like to see what would happen to the accident stats & conviction rates if the camera were to be preceded with a large speed advisory sign that illuminates when exceeding the speed limit.

  bremner 20:24 29 Dec 2009

For me one the the major issues with speed camera is that, as a consequence of their introduction, the police/local authorities totally rely on them for all taffic enforcement.

Uniform mobile traffic police officer patrols have been reduced in many areas to virtally nil.

  Hercule Marple 20:50 29 Dec 2009

Heh, I got snapped by one for the first time a few weeks ago. I was scouting out an industrial estate for a future job interview. Never been to the ara before (there aren't any speed cameras in my local area, btw). I was in a 40 zone, keeping my distance from the car in front and trying to spot the correct entrance to the indutrial estate. Then the camera went off behind me.

The 40 zone had become a 30 zone, and the camera got myself and the car in front. I was clocked at 36 mph.

Upshot:- I'm off on a speed awareness course soon. It's the cheapest option, and maybe it'll be of some use...............

  Chegs ®™ 23:33 30 Dec 2009

Joyful news,Cumbria has very few speed cameras.Unfortunately,we also have lots of very dangerous roads waiting to kill the unwary.I passed a fixed speed camera today and was amazed to see a mobile speed camera van parked between the fixed cameras.

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