Support your local computer shop......

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:52 25 Nov 2005

Biennial upgrade time so I researched what was available and found the best places to buy online to make the most of my budget. Saturday before last I went to my local computer shop which is just getting established having only been open a few months. I gave them a list of what I wanted and my name and phone number and told them where I live. I said I know how much the parts would cost online but, with due allowance for postage, I was prepared to pay a little more for the benefit of dealing with a local shop, it's less than 5 minutes walk away.

The man told me he would phone me in the next couple of days with prices and said he would be able to get what I want within a day or two. By Wednesday afternoon, last week, still no phone call so I went to the shop again. He apologised saying they had been very busy and that he would call me on Friday. That's fine I said and went away to await the call. By the way I said, I'll pay you a deposit before you order anything.

The call never came. Nearly £900 worth of parts and they seem uninterested. Twice I went to the shop, twice I was promised a call, twice no call. I gave up and bought online.

  josie mayhem 22:38 25 Nov 2005

Having some knowledge of where you life, I am surprised. the catchment area must be very good indeed.

But where ever you go, it seems to be the same! Every one wants the money, but they don't want to do the work for it! Sadly this is both the employee and the employer!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:22 26 Nov 2005

There is the same problem around here with the much vaunted 'local shops'. The ones that I have tried to use within 10 miles of me have been feckless and supercilious, which is indeed a feat in itself. I have invariably found the 'service' lacking and the advice rather doubtful coupled with a 'if yer don't understand this you are a piggin' numpty' attitude. It is for these reasons that I never use small computer shops which seem to be run by people that have the ability to drag their knuckles on the floor whilst walking. PCWorld or online every time, at least they are always polite.


  spuds 12:45 26 Nov 2005

I have given up on that one, due to the fact that most of them seem to be an overnight wonder. In the main, it is an here one month, gone the next type of thing, with unreliability in between.Those that I have tried to support, never seem to be able to offer the end product.

  g0nvs 13:54 26 Nov 2005

I have a good local shop near here, good prices, helpful, knowledgable staff ete etc.
click here 14:29 26 Nov 2005

I find it strange - my usual experience is that smaller companies look after you more because their more concerned about loosing your custom. I've got to agree with you regarding PC shops though - for some strange reason it works the opposite. PC World have always been extremly helpful, if a little overpriced - but by buying online with PC World and arranging a collection from store I get the advantage of cheaper prices and no delivery costs - bonus :D

  pj123 16:49 26 Nov 2005

Sorry, can't defend myself on the Forum. The FE won't allow self promotion.

I run a local PC outlet in my area and have never had any problems.

  citadel 17:49 26 Nov 2005

I like my local pc shop where you can get the pc built to your needs and it has only the software installed you want. Plus if anything fails you can easily take it back and slap it on the counter.

  ade.h 19:23 26 Nov 2005

I can echo the above sentiments. If anyone could set up a really good PC specialist in my area, it could do very well. There are only two, apart from PC World, and neither are very good for advice or quality of products. One of them doesn't even sell any CD-RWs! I can walk into Staples and find those. (Which I suppose partly explains that particular example).

  SG Atlantis 11:43 27 Nov 2005

I bought my last computer of a local independant shop, they where very helpful at the time. Once they got my money they didn't want to know.

I had a total of 3 faults over the year. I cd drive burned out, they replaced it within a week. The monitor became faulty, they said there was nothing wrong and it took me 5 visits to the shop and a series of converstaions where the practically called me an idiot. They replaced the monitor after all that.

The PSU failed after ten months, I placed a quote for my second system when I took the faulty machine up to them. I thought a quote for an expensive computer might help them fix it. It was fixed within a day!!

Got the quote back and it was about £250 more expenive than I got a quote for online. I eventually bought a compaq computer from PCWorld and got them to upgrade it to what I needed.

If you take out their extended warranty at £10 per month. They do all upgrades for nothing and I'm covered for accidental damage, theft and so on. Plus you can cancel the pay as you go warranty whenever you want!

I spent about £2000 in the PCW store in a week. If the locals had been decent with me, they'd have had the cash!

  dth 12:38 29 Nov 2005

Sadly I must agree about the 'local shops'. I live in a small village was delighted when a P/C shop opened. My experiences are much like that recounted above.

I far prefer PC World to be honest. OK the prices are more expensive than the online stores (althought to a much leser degree if you use the P C World online collect at shop facility) but if something goes wrong you can just take it back. There just seems - to me - to be too many horror stories whatever the online source Dell, Mesh Dabs etc.

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