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  K_elt 14:01 28 May 2008

I saw a display in my local doctor's surgery asking for support against proposed government plans for new "polyclinics". More info can be found click here.

When I mentioned it to my doctor he explained one of the main concerns was the use of commercial companies looking for profits, leading to patients needs being secondary.

It would appear yet again profit and cost cutting is being put before service to the community by this government and I would encourage people to have a look at the site and lend your support if you agree.

  Cymro. 14:05 28 May 2008

I have plenty to be grateful to doctors for but we should not make them out to be paragons of virtue. They have an element of self interest in this campaign.

  Stuartli 14:06 28 May 2008

I think GPs do a great job, but it's not all that long ago since they accepted a big wage hike and shorter working hours.....:-)

The latter has been addressed to some extent by the Government, but the doctors are still in pocket as it were.

  anchor 14:36 28 May 2008

Yes, I agree that most GP`s do a great job. We must not forget however that some are now earning up to £100k/year.

On top of that a few have introduced 0870 numbers for their surgeries to make more money. National call rates to call a local number.

Anyway, I am not in favour of the so called polyclinics; I feel we would end up with an impersonal first line medical service, being treated in a virtual A&E.

  Pine Man 14:53 28 May 2008

'On top of that a few have introduced 0870 numbers'

Yes they did but all should have been changed by now to local calls following instructions from Government

  Shortstop 15:28 28 May 2008

I agree about doctor's wages and would also like an above-inflation salary rise and a reduction in hours, but what are the chances? Personally, I've not been affected by the 0870 phone problem mentioned above but don't consider this too much of an issue as I don't regularly call my doctor so the 'extra' cost is minimal.

However, unlike other posters, I CAN see the benefits of polyclinics as I believe that you will still receive benefits of seeing qualified people and that profits are not a swear word. Surely this just means that I am seen when I am ill [instead of having to fight to get one of the few appointments available], be given medication to make me well plus the fact that there will be corporate responsibility for my health where none exists at the moment. I have often said to my wife that had she attended a private hospital when she first developed severe gallstones and been in pain for 4 months until WE persuaded the doctor to refer her to hospital and then beg the surgeon to do something rather than saying she had heartburn/wind/severe backache she would have achieved the end-result [gall bladder removal + no pain] months beforehand! A company offering services and looking for a profit will NOT want to drag things out needlessly and are more likely to send you for tests to highlight the exact cause of the problem as quickly as possible.

Just my POV.



  K_elt 15:33 28 May 2008

There's no doubt there will be a degree of self interest in this in the way of jobs and salaries, but it doesn't alter what the potential impact to patients would be.

I suspect a polyclinic run as a commercial enterprise employing doctors on reduced salaries wouldn't necessarily mean the saving would be passed on, more likely ending up in the shareholders pockets, while providing a lesser service.

If profit becomes the main motive for supplying health services, those with long term expensive ailments could find it even more difficult to get the care and treatment they need. Who would want them on their books?

Personally I'd rather pay a doctor a high salary than a council executive. Better value for money.

  QinesiQ 17:34 28 May 2008 much they are paid or how long (short) they work - all I ask for is a minimum level of competence. Coping with a disease is one thing getting them to take your fears seriously is quite something else. When your body lets you down and you need every strength you can muster to fight it is truly grinding to have the additional burden of uncaring heath practitioners.

  MrCutter 17:42 28 May 2008

My local GP does a 4 day week from 0830 to 1800 and gets over £100k a year.

  Bingalau 19:08 28 May 2008

Mr Cutter. That makes one wonder what consultants and surgeons are paid.

  Newuser38 19:26 28 May 2008

The BMA have an advert with a petition form to send to them in most of the papers today same subject.

More information from them on click here and a search on click here will give the Government view.

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