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  fieldyweb 12:23 01 Jan 2005

OK, for the past week i have been scouring support forums trying to resolve 2 seperate issue, and I am amazed at the blatent stupidity of not the questions, but the answers given....

for example

"I want to get my ADSL Modem working under linux" Answer buy an Ethernet ADSL Modem...

Well i'm sorry, prehaps you could buy it for me as you seem to have enough money....

forums are littered with STUPID answers like this, ESPECIALLY the Windows ones, I've forked for helpdesk for years, and i understand the necessity of checking the obvious, however this is just plain rude....

OK i have that off my chest.. sorry, and may you all have a happy new year..

  octal 12:41 01 Jan 2005

There really is no need for rudeness, if you can't add anything to a thread I find its always best to keep quiet.

That what makes this forum so nice to use because its well administered by FE, especially now he's got his new "hand-built, silver-plated, engraved deleting mouse"

click here

Happy new year to you also.


  spuds 13:07 01 Jan 2005

Like all forums, there is always the little team of people who do not consider other peoples thought and feelings. The PCA forums have had this type of 'rudeness' from time to time, but as you state the FE [and the usual contributors] usually keeps a firm hand, when the situation gets out of hands.

What some people do not take into account, is that using a forum based discussion media should and usually does cater for all types of people of various knowledge levels.What may seem very simple and 'learned' for someone, can be a nightmare for someone else. So yes, lets keep rudeness and the un-civilised attitude where it belongs via the delete button.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:50 01 Jan 2005

I have not seen many answers from such a knowledgeable person as fieldyweb...../yawn


  €dstowe 06:44 02 Jan 2005

I should be remembered that sometimes an answer can come across as being rude when that is not the intention of the writer at all. I know, I've done it myself. If I notice my faux pas, I apologise and explain but it does happen that an answer seems quite acceptable to the person writing it but not so to some or all who are reading it.

Remember that before rushing to condemn anyone for being rude, especially if it appears to be out of character, try looking at the errant post in a different way to check that it isn't just you who has got it wrong.

  VideoSentry 07:51 02 Jan 2005

fieldyweb,I am a newcomer to this forum and have found generally that the answers given are, though not all ways the correct one, but they are the persons best effort's, and getting some sort of response shows that there there are people who are willing to try to help. If you go to a shop/store and ask a question some of the reply's are not only incredible but sometimes dangerous, and they should know!

  Forum Editor 09:23 02 Jan 2005

in the eye of the beholder as €dstowe points out, and most of us have seen many examples of people taking offence where perhaps none was intended.

The English language is perhaps the most expressive of all languages, and if all of us were masters of it there would be little room for misunderstandings. In the real world we have to make do with our individual levels of communicating skill however, and that often leads to erroneous interpretations of what has been written. Of course there are rude people in the forum - as there are in any area of life - but perhaps when rudeness is encountered it's better to take a step back, and let a few moments pass before responding - tempting as it may be to pour a dose of petrol onto the fire.

We are all (bar none) capable of forgetting ourselves at times, it's a perfectly natural human trait, but perhaps in a large community like ours we need to be especially careful - you can't see facial expressions here, and maybe the other person didn't intend to come across in quite such an abrasive manner.

  jerichobob 15:44 03 Jan 2005

I've only ever needed to use the forum for advice once - so far - but I am more than happy knowing that there are a large number of people out there willing to offer their time and expertise helping me should the need arise. Not all of the answers to any question I may pose will be correct, but then will the question be misleading? I am no expert with computers - it takes me long enough to turn the thing on and off - so could the mistake be mine through a lack of information on which to base a complete and final answer?

I've often found that the simplest problem can become insurmountable if only one person knows exactly what they are doing/talking about because the people concerned fail to communicate the issue properly in both directions. Remember that if somebody like me is asking a technical question regarding computers then it usually means I've seen a snippet of information somewhere and added 2+2 to get five!!!

The other issue of course is assuming that the advised uses the information given correctly. I have been guilty of this myself too 'cos I'm a bloke and I know everything there is to know.....


fieldyweb. Reading one of the replies to this thread, I can see exactly what you are getting at.

  fieldyweb 02:25 06 Jan 2005

Thank you, some interesting feedback, and as Electron99 points out, a perfect example above of the type of rudeness i'm referring to...

Its an interesting comment from the forum Editor, Interesting because i work at a Bilingual School in Bangkok, and i would certainly agree about misunderstandings, I think the point i was trying to make, was well

" I have not seen many answers from such a knowledgeable person as fieldyweb...../yawn"

Why post this?

This is the first time i have used the PC Advisor Forum, and while the answers i had to my query didn't specifically cure it, i hope that with the answers given, and my feedback on resolving the problem, that may help someone else...

Possibly its what i'm looking for in a forum, I'm a technically minded person, who wants some logical assistance.. And I'm happy that this particular forum is one of the better ones, just like the magazine it represents... (if a little lacking in Linux stuff for newbies, its PC Advisor Guys not XP Advisor..)

Anyway, thanks to all for your comments, and well, if you have some spare dosh after Xmas and New Year, spare a thought for the people around the Indian Ocean... I know the people of thailand appreciate the worlds generosity...

  €dstowe 08:24 06 Jan 2005

The respondant you quote above is well known on here for his, shall we say, direct replies.

I'm sure that there are several members here who would cheerfully thump him on the nose for a long time if given the opportunity.

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