Support The Death Penalty?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:30 16 Oct 2011

From The BBC

To all those who would like to see the death penalty restored for murder.

Would you rather this man, who is obviously intelligent and wants to do something for his community, had been executed, instead of now having the chance to get on with his life having had his conviction overturned?

  Forum Editor 17:34 16 Oct 2011

Why does my heart sink every time (at least twice a year) this subject crops up?

  Flak999 17:35 16 Oct 2011

You don't need to worry, there is more chance of hell freezing over than capital punishment being restored here! On the other hand if it were to be restored and there were any doubt about the conviction we could just keep the perpetrators locked up for life!

  spuds 17:43 16 Oct 2011

"we could still keep the perpetrators locked up for life!"

Isn't that what they do in some states in America, then still execute them?.

  Flak999 17:45 16 Oct 2011

Yes, I think it is. But they have very different ideas about crime and punishment in the States.

  morddwyd 19:22 16 Oct 2011

"But, I think I'm changing my mind."

Every time I think of changing my mind I remember "Timothy Evans".

  interzone55 19:30 16 Oct 2011

fourm member

Isn't Amanda Knox a perfect example of why we should not have the death penalty - after all she was wrongly convicted

  Aitchbee 19:34 16 Oct 2011

I have said this before on this forum, punish the perpetrators of murder, whilst they are in jail.Let them rot, with no mercy.Forty years is quite enough.

  Terry Brown 21:04 16 Oct 2011

I do not necessarily agree with the death penalty, except where it for pre-meditated murder and it can be proved 100%, with no chance of error.

I also believe that if you aim a gun at any law enformment officer, they have the right to shoot to disable or kill in order to protect themselves and /or the public.

The same rule could also be applied to knife crime.

When you consider the 'Rights' of a murderer, also consider the 'Rights' of the persons murdered and the effect it has on their family.


  spuds 22:58 16 Oct 2011

Terry Brown

I think that you may find that on some 'ghetto' or 'no go' estates, police officers have to resort to aiming a Taser laser beam at a persons chest when a likely confrontation occurs.

Had that been a loaded gun, then there might not be a deterrent until it was to late. I am sure the newspapers would soon have a field day, as they did recently.

  Terry Brown 10:15 17 Oct 2011


Do you believe in a level playng field or one where the law enforcement agencies have one hand tied behind their back?.

As a 'normal' person I expect the law to protect me and my family if and when necessary, not to wonder if everytime they have to use force, wether they will have to go through a trial to 'Prove' they had done the right thing and that there was no other option.

I agree that the policy 'Shoot to Kill', is not normally best, when shoot to disable may be better, however I believe that our officers are trained to do the right thing at the right time in the circumstances at the time.

Most Newspapers are not there for your or my good, they only want to sell papers and there is nothing like a good scandal for selling papers.


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