Super super glue.

  gengiscant 14:05 08 Nov 2010

Can anyone recommend a really strong glue.
The handle of the fridge has come away from the door and unfortunately spit across the flange which the screws go through.
I have glued it back in place using Loctite Super Glue Control, and it has lasted quite a while.
Obviously on a handle that is used on numerous times of the day I feel I need something a lot stronger.
Either that or I can continue to just pull the door open without the handle or the extreme and buy a new fridge freezer. A tad over the top I think.

So if anyone knows of a very super super glue,do tell.

  JoeC 14:17 08 Nov 2010

I would think that unless you use something along the lines of Araldite or some other 2 part bonding agent you are stuck. When my fridge / freezer (a Beko make) door handle snapped in half, I went onto the internet, found Beko's site and was able to order another handle. It was cheap and it arrived in the post very quickly. The price was around the same as buying two packs of branded super glue. Perhaps worth a look ?

  gengiscant 14:40 08 Nov 2010

I had not thought of that.Thanks.

  gengiscant 14:52 08 Nov 2010

Just checked with the fridge/freezer manufacturer,I thought they were having a laugh,I am not paying nearly £20 for a bit of plastic.

So am still looking for a glue.

  Bingalau 14:57 08 Nov 2010

Buy a handle from a DIY store and drill a couple of holes through the door. Plenty of styles so you can pick one to suit. Nuts and washers on the inside should make it stronger than the original.

  I am Spartacus 15:02 08 Nov 2010

Araldite Rapid Steel is the best I've found so far click here

  Diemmess 15:20 08 Nov 2010

Araldite (the original slow setting version) is my choice.

Ideally if you can repair the handle away from the cabinet then put the repair in a warm place, It sets far more quickly and gains maximum strength.

It goes through a runny stage if warm enough so be careful excess glue doesn't run onto something which matters!

Your best method depends on details like appearance or whether the handle has to move.

If appearance doesn't matter then as others suggested, search for a new handle which might look odd but be the strongest of them all

  proudfoot 15:35 08 Nov 2010

One point to note with all adhesives is the joint on the parts must be scrupulously clean for the best bond.

  gengiscant 15:41 08 Nov 2010

'I am Spartacus'
It seems that Araldite is the one to go for, as it is not possible to repair the handle elsewhere, it will need to be done in situ, would the heat of a hair dryer have the same effect?

Point noted.

A last resort,I feel.

  spuds 16:02 08 Nov 2010

The last time that I had a tricky gluing problem, I telephone one of the adhesive manufacturers helplines and explained my problem. They made various suggestions and sent me a 'trial' tube of one of their products. Problem solved.

  JoeC 17:52 08 Nov 2010

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