Super Budget PCs

  Pesala 10:47 26 Jul 2004

My idea of a super budget PC is the lowest price that one should expect to spend to get a basic PC with all one needs to get started. The current price point of £700 including VAT (but not delivery) is at least £150 too high. Below are a few examples I found without extensive searching.

Evesham Axis EL £529.00 inc VAT click here

Mesh Matrix 2400 £399.00 inc VAT
click here

NetHighStreet Evo System (configured) £583.98 inc VAT click here

A price point of £599 is generous these days for a student's first PC, and £499 would not be too low. The above examples all include the essentials like monitor, OS, and CD-RW.

Reviews should include an accurate comparison of noise using a decibel meter in controlled conditions. Too much emphasis is given to benchmark performance. Whilst this may be more important in the Power PC category, in the budget or super-budget categories, other factors such as overall build quality, noise, bundled software, monitor, or warranty and customer service, require more weighting than they currently get.

  Pesala 20:24 26 Jul 2004

All but 1 of the PCs in the list are only £700, presumably reviewed when the bar was set lower. Probably the reviews are now out of date.

It is plainly absurd to call them "Superbudget" if decent PCs are available for half the price. Apart from the cheap monitor, the Mesh quoted above is much higher spec than my existing Evesham Quest PC, which cost £800 nearly 3 years ago including £200 for an LG Flatron 795FT Plus monitor.

  Forum Editor 00:04 27 Jul 2004

about what you would like to see, but we use criteria based on feedback from readers, and they want to see benchmarking - it's a reliable way of comparing computers.

If a machine was noisier than others in a test we would mention it, as we would with build quality etc., so I don't really understand what you're driving at. We're not aiming to find the cheapest computers around - that's not the point.

As far as students go, my experience is that most of them want/need a laptop, not a desktop machine. Retailers certainly know that, which is why you'll see special laptop promotions aimed specifically at this sector of the market every summer. You try getting a decent laptop for £499.

  Pesala 08:28 27 Jul 2004

As far as I can tell, this doesn't review any notebooks, so I don't know what you're driving at.

The fact is that decent desktop PCs are available for far less than £699. Students includes school children living at home with their parents who need a PC to do their coursework, not just those attending University.

Mentioning that one PC is noisier than another is hardly an objective measurement under controlled conditions.

I wonder if you do listen to feedback from your readers? You certainly do not listen to me. Every time I make a suggestion you try to rubbish my opinion as not worth listening to.

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