Sunflower Oil cooled PC Mk2

  De Marcus™ 22:39 23 Jul 2007

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Sans the fish :-)

I begun construction.

I promised an update on progress and with FE's permission, hopefully he'l allow me to keep the thread updated with advances.

These should happen quite quickly as the planning is happening on the go, Monster Garage, Jesse James style.

The first thing to go was the case, a glass fish bowl may be pretty to look at and easy to clean but it isn't easy to custom make to suit a pc. I've opted for a pre fabbed case, It's an old Lite-on LVW5001 DVD Recorder case ( click here ) of which the guts where removed for a previous project.

I'm lucky in that I have a fairly powerful PC in a small form factor spec. Once I'd checked that the components would fit inside it's time for the dremel to come out!

I basically need to make sure that all components aren't going to overheat in such a small place and due to the nature of the case (holes everywhere) leaks could prove a problem.

So, at this moment in time I've had my mobo dipped in a home made dielctric glue with the mobo and memory sealed from all penetration from oil. I've also had the mobo edges sealed against 'oil creep'. The one thing I haven't done is to seal the ports from oil penetration which is going to prove the biggest problem yet as there are so many minute holes for the oil to pulse through.


This is where I'm at right now.

click here

And whislt it's a mess at the moment, the hot string has yet to come out to clean things up.

  De Marcus™ 22:42 23 Jul 2007

Apologies for the spelling.

  Forum Editor 22:58 23 Jul 2007

in something that seals really well you might take a look at an adhesive/sealant that's sold in B&Q and Homebase (and probably elsewhere) called WetGrab.

It comes in cartridges, like silicones etc., and is a fetching shade of blue. Its big advantage is that it adheres to wet surfaces. When it cures (which it does inside an hour) it resembles a very dense rubber; it has some 'give' in it, rather like silicone, but slightly harder.

I know someone who used it to bond plastic DPM membrane to roof slates to seal a big hole in the pouring rain, and when he tried to remove it the next day it had bonded so securely that it removed the surface of the slate when pulled off. It might come in handy.

  De Marcus™ 23:32 23 Jul 2007

I'm actually using the 'wetgrab' as my primary sealant, it's quite amazing stuff, wet tested and even uncured, it's superb stuff. The only problem is the version I'm using isn't transparent which would spoil a clear case, luckily I'm using a steel case with WetGrab complimented ny uhu plastics glue.

For anyone that's interested in these sorts of things I can also thoroughly recommend 'Stixall', expensive, but worth the extra couple of quid per 'silicone cartridge'.

  De Marcus™ 23:46 23 Jul 2007

Yet it isn't as tidy as I would have hoped but it is air/oil tight!

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

I've also sealed the air grills underneath the original case to prevent leaking; I did this using uhu Hard Plastics glue (simple stuff from Batik).

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

I realise these sorts of experiments are thoroughly enjoyed by forum members but everyone needs to realize is, 240 volts from the UK mains is not something you should be experimenting with, unless you are qualified to do so under any circumstances.

  De Marcus™ 23:52 23 Jul 2007

The US spell checkers aren't doing me any favours but I'm sure you understand...

  De Marcus™ 00:06 24 Jul 2007

I did say things would come thick and fast, so here goes:

The chassis with the mobo ports slot cut out the frame:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Here is the chassis with the mobo mounted in it's hopefully) final position:

click here

  Koochy 00:09 24 Jul 2007

Well done so far and good luck with the rest of the build.


  De Marcus™ 00:11 24 Jul 2007

Thankks Koochy, all support welcomed.

  De Marcus™ 00:14 24 Jul 2007


I'm open to forum members suggestions., this is after all an experiment.


  Strawballs 00:33 24 Jul 2007

Another good sealant is a marine product called Sikaflex from chandlers not cheap but don't use it if you ever want to get it apart again.

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