Sunday Postbox Collections To Stop

  superhoops 17:14 30 Sep 2007

I went, as usual, to pop my work post in the pillar box by 12 noon to be delivered to the office tomorrow morning.
Across the plate on the front of the box was a label saying that from the end of October (I think) all boxes will no longer be collected from on a Sunday or bank holiday. I can understand bank holidays but why Sundays? Surely at a time when competition is breathing at their necks, although admittedly not from postbox collections, they should be upping the game not decreasing the service they offer us.

  Totally-braindead 17:20 30 Sep 2007

I'll be honest with you, I had no idea they picked up on a Sunday anyway.
I agree with what you said however they should be working to increase their service not cut it. Perhaps though it makes little difference to the delivery times most businesses after all don't have all their office staff working on a Sunday.

  Forum Editor 17:47 30 Sep 2007

has a Sunday collection at 6:00p.m. from the box in its wall. I hope that's not going to stop - we use it quite often.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 30 Sep 2007

Sunday collections stopped round here years ago.

  mrwoowoo 18:49 30 Sep 2007

It's just a way to cut some of the huge loses the post office makes on delivering letters.
The only reason they have a monopoly on this is because there is no money in it.
They would either need to increase the cost of stamps rather substantually,or make cutbacks in this area.Due to restrictions applied through the regulators,regarding stamp increases it has to be the latter.
The only profit to be had is through their parcel services,which faces stiff competition.Again,due to the profit to be had.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:56 30 Sep 2007

I hardly ever use the 'normal' post thesedays, most of my works is done over the Net and most of my bills are Internet generated.


  bluto1 19:02 30 Sep 2007

Ours still collecting 1145AM Sunday. Hope it contnues, some of us rely on it for business.

  bluto1 19:03 30 Sep 2007

Ours still collecting 1145AM Sunday. Hope it contnues, some of us rely on it for business.

  Al94 19:03 30 Sep 2007

Sunday collections have been a thing of the past for several years here.

  nagonlouse 19:32 30 Sep 2007

Sunday Collections from the run of the mill Post Boxes has been a thing of the past for quite a few years now.What you will have found however is that Post Boxes outside a CROWN POST OFFICE have had one collection on a Sunday. So maybe that collection is the one to be axed now.

  spuds 19:45 30 Sep 2007

Our local box Sunday collections stopped ages ago. In fact according to the collection disc appearing today on the pillar box, the last or next collection is Wednesday and as been for the last month. Either idleness on the postman's part, or they have lost the replacement discs.

What doesn't get posted today, may get posted tomorrow perhaps. I am waiting for Tesco or Asda to take over the postal services. The local Tesco garage already appears to have a post collection point.

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