Sunday Breakfast

  laurie53 10:09 17 Aug 2008

I know everybody thinks their local ones are best, but there's nothing quite like a Loch Fyne kipper, even with 200 food miles on it, unless it's a pair of course, which I can no longer manage.

  Quickbeam 10:28 17 Aug 2008

I'm a fan of the Manx ones which are smoked longer for a fuller flavour, but I like Scottish ones too which are much moister.

Both however must be accompanied with bread and butter, wholemeal with the manx and crusty white with the Scottish... yummmmy:)

  €dstowe 10:29 17 Aug 2008

Two poached eggs on toasted homemade bread. Two cups of strong tea.

The eggs are from the farm down the road where the hens roam around in complete freedom eating, well, perhaps better not to know.

The bread is the remains of the loaf I made yesterday - correction, the bread machine made yesterday.

  interzone55 10:36 17 Aug 2008

I generally don't have a breakfast on a Sunday. I usually have a cup of coffee & a glass of orange juice then go to the gym first thing (before it fills up).

On Saturdays I sometimes treat myself to a large farmhouse breakfast from Wetherspoons. Terrific value and all decent quality fayre. It does depend on the pub you visit though, I normally go to the one in Rochdale, but the other week I was in Bury, and the breakfast was rubbish...

  Armchair 10:43 17 Aug 2008

A nectarine, a banana, and a bowl of Ready Brek, washed down with a glass of tap water.

Coffee gives me the runs!

Tea stains my teeth, so i packed it in after my last abrasion clean.

  Joe R 10:49 17 Aug 2008

Sliced square sausage, two links, two rashers smoked Belfast bacon, two slices black pudding, two fried eggs, two fried potato scones, fried mushrooms and onions with beans on the side.

Nothing like a healthy meal. :)

  version8 10:55 17 Aug 2008

In the gym for a good CV workout followed by Shredded Wheat, Soya Milk & a banana.

  laurie53 11:06 17 Aug 2008

Had some Manx ones a few weeks ago; not to my taste.

Isle of Skye too I found dry and lacking flavor.

Summer Isles kippers are a good second choice. If you really want a good moist flavour, and can be bothered to take the trouble, sling them on the barbeque for a few minutes.

All the moistness and flavour is sealed in.

Armchair - are you really quoting Ready Brek in the same post as kippers?!!!!!!

  Armchair 11:25 17 Aug 2008

"Armchair - are you really quoting Ready Brek in the same post as kippers?!!!!!!"

Yes! Should point out that I'm afflicted with ulcerative colitis, and am damned careful about what I devour. Not that I really know what to avoid, mind, if anything. Bit wary of seafood these days.

What's wrong with Ready Brek, though?! I get the sachets and microwave it. Ready in one and a half minutes, which is great when you're pushed for time on a work day. Usually hack up a banana and chuck that in the same bowl.

  Quickbeam 11:26 17 Aug 2008

I rather think we'll both skip breakfast than have the boil in the bag variety...?

  spuds 11:50 17 Aug 2008

All the kippers around our way, seem to come in plastic bags with (I suspect) injected smoke and a knob of butter!.

Having just eaten 4 slices of white bread toast coated in crunchy peanut butter, then seeing Joe R truckers breakfast menu, I turned into a lick lipping gibbering frenzy, and realised that I had got it all wrong for a pleasant Sunday morning :O((.

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