Sunbelt's Counter Spy is the bee's knees!

  TOPCAT® 16:32 16 Apr 2005

After reading the review of anti-spyware, starting on page 90 of PCA's issue 119, I decided to try the top recommended Counter Spy and downloaded the 15 day trial.

After setting the options, it scanned my computer and found quite a few items my other security software programs had missed. It even listed remains of a trojan that I thought had gone long ago.

I am quite impressed by this product and the low purchase price of $20, with a year of updates included, and highly recommend. It can be downloaded from click here and will be featured in PCA's Download Directory. TC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:08 16 Apr 2005

Counterspy and MS Antispy are the same programme. MS Antispy is free ;-)))


  TOPCAT® 18:55 16 Apr 2005

Microsoft will I believe be charging for their 'professional' release of MS Antispy but, naturally, no price is available yet. Also, MS Antispy won't be compatible with older OS versions - only WinXP and 2000.

For info:

Sunbelt is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and the two companies have had a strong and friendly partnership for a number of years. In December of 2004, Microsoft purchased Giant Company Software, a company that made antispam and antispyware tools. Giant Company was previously a close partner of Sunbelt Software. Giant had granted co-ownership rights to Sunbelt for a previous version of Giant's anti-spyware product.

As part of that agreement, Sunbelt has the exclusive right to innovate its own product. The new Microsoft Antispyware beta is based on the Giant Antispyware product. Microsoft fully owns its anti-spyware product that it acquired from Giant Company. In turn, Sunbelt fully owns its own anti-spyware technology, currently marketed as CounterSpy and CounterSpy Enterprise.

Anti-spyware solutions require definition updates (signatures of known spyware and other unwanted software) that are necessary to keep the solutions up-to-date. Microsoft will be providing definition file updates to Sunbelt to its spyware database until July 2007. During this time, Sunbelt and Microsoft share exclusively in the ownership of these definition files.

Sunbelt is actively developing new versions of CounterSpy, and adding its own threat database updates to the product. Sunbelt has its own team of developers on the enterprise and consumer versions, as well as a team of researchers finding new spyware threats.

  phono 23:29 16 Apr 2005

I have been running MS Antispy since it was introduced and found it to be excellent, having read the article in PCA however, I decided to try CounterSpy and it picked up problems that MS Antispy didn't.

I was so impressed that, like TOPCAT®, I immediately purchased a registration number for the princely sum of $19.95 from Sunbelt.

I must point out that I am very much a belt and braces person, and as such, have Ad-Aware SE, Spybot SD, SpywareBlaster, etc etc installed on my system. I would rather spend $19.95 on a piece of software that may help, on an odd occasion, than spend countless hours/days trying to repair an infested Windows installation or registry.

I am not for one minute saying that I believe that one product is any better than the other but, to me anyway, it appears that in this day and age no one software package is able to fully cope with the ever changing threats that exist out there.

I rely on "paid for" antivirus and firewall software and also have a mixture of "paid for" and free anti spy/adware software. To date I have remained virus, trojan, adware, malware etc etc free, I hope I am not tempting fate by posting this. PS Did I mention that I am also behind a hardware SPI firewall?

Joking aside, it takes every precaution these days to remain safe from the current online threats.

  TOPCAT® 23:48 16 Apr 2005

I also have the software you list on my PC. They do a fair old job but Counter Spy is, to my mind, exceptional. As you say, its price is a bargain. TC.

  Forum Editor 16:16 17 Apr 2005

It does exactly what is says on the tin, and it does in in style. Best $19.99 I ever spent.

  TOPCAT® 18:10 17 Apr 2005

Glad you like it FE. Your recommendation means it has to be good. ;o)

Additionally, I find it does the scan and repair tasks so quickly. It also has 'Active Protection which stops a high percentage of spyware before it can act,' plus four other system tools built in for the same low price.

To read "exactly what it says on the tin" click here

The FAQs, top left, give more info. TC.

  eego 19:41 17 Apr 2005

You can also add me to the list of admirer's of Counter Spy.

I have recently purchased a years subscription and find the product extremely well designed and more efficient than the collective Freebies that I was running(SpyBot, SpyBlaster, AdAware).

  Ancient Learner 20:57 17 Apr 2005

This must be good since you all seem to agree, other than GANDALF <|:-)> of course. $19.99 is not a fortune either.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:25 17 Apr 2005

I did run the demo but it seems exactly the same as MS Antispy including the real-time protection. Am I missing something?...ho-hum.


  phono 00:03 18 Apr 2005

As far as I know MS Antispy requires Win XP or above to run, no such limitations with CounterSpy.

I also did some tests on an infected PC and CS seemed to pick up problems that others didn't.

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