Sun unleashes huge solar flare towards Earth

  octal 21:19 16 Feb 2011

It looks like the Sun has just burped again and this time it's towards the Earth.

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  tullie 21:38 16 Feb 2011

I believe that this happens quite regulary.

  octal 21:43 16 Feb 2011

"I believe that this happens quite regulary."

Not for a long time, the Sun is just coming out of a quiet period. There have been two very large flares a week or so ago, but those two were not directed towards the Earth, this one is.

  peter99co 22:08 16 Feb 2011

They give a time when it set off but not when to duck!

93,000,000 miles at what speed?

  Aitchbee 22:15 16 Feb 2011

This may help.

  Forum Editor 23:02 16 Feb 2011

these events have occurred hundreds of thousands of times without any apparent ill effects as far as the earth is concerned. The problem nowadays is that the planet is covered with communications networks, and they take a hit when this happens.

They'll take a much bigger hit from a Coronal mass ejection - a huge blast of electro magnetic radiation that can knock out power grids and telecoms for a long time. On average they come about once in a hundred years, and as the last one was 150 years ago......

  morddwyd 23:37 16 Feb 2011

"93,000,000 miles at what speed?"

Difficult to tell in space.

Certainly faster than a high explosive shock wave, or even a nuclear one, which are both supersonic, but slower than the speed of light.

  octal 06:05 17 Feb 2011

Coronal mass ejections reach velocities between 20km/s to 3200km/s with an average speed of 489km/s, based on SOHO/LASCO measurements between 1996 and 2003.

  STREETWORK 07:19 17 Feb 2011

anyone done the sums based on octals figures?...

  carver 07:56 17 Feb 2011

If we get a CME big enough to knock out transformers then we are in trouble, no food, all communications knocked out, no transport and the worst thing would be no drinking water.

But on the positive side you wouldn't have to bother about global warming.

  Quickbeam 08:21 17 Feb 2011

Two disaster threads in one week... what will the third be?

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