Sun on Sunday was it a Flop

  birdface 21:05 26 Feb 2012

Not heard any news on how good or bad the sales were.

Personally I hope it is a flop we need something to take the smile of R/Ms face. I think he takes it as a bit of a joke the way he has treated members of the public and is all smiles as the new Sunday paper rolls out.

I don't think he has anything to smile about and I for one would never buy it.

That is only my views no doubt there are others that think another Sunday paper is needed and why not the Sun.

  Noldi 21:22 26 Feb 2012

No not my type of reading that's for sure, none of the red tops are.


  birdface 21:40 26 Feb 2012

I know he was after B SKY B and whether he actually got it or it was stopped pending the news of the World scandal I don't know.

Sales reports were 3.000.000 today whether true or not I don.t know.

  Aitchbee 21:47 26 Feb 2012

If THE SUNDAY SUN was given away for free...I still wouldn't buy it.

  rdave13 22:05 26 Feb 2012

AitchBEE, of course you wouldn't buy it if it was free.

  mrwoowoo 22:05 26 Feb 2012

"If THE SUNDAY SUN was given away for free...I still wouldn't buy it."

Well obviously not. It would be a very silly person who bought something that was free.

  Forum Editor 22:18 26 Feb 2012

The print run was over 3 million. I'm guessing that sales will have been in excess of two million.

  Aitchbee 22:49 26 Feb 2012

The use of the word 'buy' has several meanings.

I used the word 'buy', on this occasion, to convey the sense, 'having confidence in'.

Not 'buying' THE SUNDAY SUN means I would give it the THUMBS DOWN!

Millions of people will disagree with me.

  birdface 22:49 26 Feb 2012

If sales were say 2 million at 50p a paper Not a lot of money to be made at that price.

Will the buyers today still pay the going rate when it goes up to near £1.50 which the N.O.T.W was or somewhere near that.

And also at the IF it is a lot of papers to return 1 million.Do they go to local waste sites or special waste sites to be recycled.

I heard him say on the news that he would be quite happy with a 2 million turnover.

  Forum Editor 23:07 26 Feb 2012


"If sales were say 2 million at 50p a paper Not a lot of money to be made at that price."

You're forgetting the substantial advertising income - the advertising space was sold out. The News of the World used to pull in around £40million a year in advertising revenues.

  MAJ 23:39 26 Feb 2012

It made me think though, when was the last time I bought a newspaper? Turns out it was in 1977 when I was doing my engineering apprenticeship. It was habitually bought at Lisburn railway station, along with a mint Aero and a bottle of Lucozade, the time that particular drink (most drinks now that I think about it) was sold in a glass bottle. All three helped to pass the time on the train journey home. I realised that I enjoyed the rubbish I was eating so much more that the rubbish I was reading that on my next journey home I replaced the newspaper with a toffee crisp and that was the last time I ogled page 3. I think I'm too old now to start reading the Sun again, but thanks Murdock for reminding me of those good old days.

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