The Sun Newspaper

  Bingalau 06:41 30 Sep 2009

has surely committed the city of Liverpool and it's environments to vote for Labour. Maybe it will cause a bigger turn out to vote than normal too.

Add on all the anti Daily Mail enthusiasts and Labour should get a good result??? (TIC)

  carver 07:07 30 Sep 2009

According to this the Sun are ditching Labour in favour of the Conservatives. I think it's because they have finally employed some one who can spell long words.

click here

  Quickbeam 08:22 30 Sep 2009

Don't underestimate the power of a popular chip wrapper click here

  wiz-king 08:26 30 Sep 2009

I feel sorry for the Conservative party.

  tein 08:39 30 Sep 2009

Either way! GB has lost a large supporter! i was told last night that the Sun is britains biggest newspaper! if so then that DOES means millions that buy the paper will be shown just how little support the labour party have! regardless if its The Mail/Mirror/Telegraph or whatever it has the exact same affect as the tv does with people! it does something GB doesnt & thats Talk to the people!

IF the link That Quickbeam has included above realy is correct then loosing the Sun realy is a big thing! regardless of our personal comments of the paper!.

  carver 09:11 30 Sep 2009

I might have made a joke? about the Sun but I do realise just how important it is for the people who buy it. Well page 3 at least.

I don't know how many copy's it sell but most of the time it is aimed at the people who vote Labour, and if they change their political backing it could do immense harm to Labour, or it could be they just want to be the paper that says "we helped the Conservatives win".

  anskyber 09:13 30 Sep 2009

If the Sun or any other newspaper can influence individuals to that extent then we are in a sorry mess. Sheep a whitless springs to mind.

  Quickbeam 09:25 30 Sep 2009

The Sun was always a staunch Tory supporting rag until the '97 turnaround which even had The Daily Express telling us to vote (New?) Labour.

The '92 election week headlines that are attributed to playing a big part in saving us from Kinnock, surprised a lot of Sun readers that thought because the paper was aimed at the working man, it had always supported Labour, but The Sun just 'came out'. But throughout the '70s they had subtly influenced the working class to accept the Tories during the decade when we had an election every two years (or at least, that's how it seemed).

  tein 10:13 30 Sep 2009

fourm member!

VERY well worded! i couldnt aggree more!!

  donki 10:18 30 Sep 2009

Took the words out of my mouth, it could be seen as a really underhand move by The Sun as it could have waited until after the Tory conference. By doing it now it takes a lot of momentum out of GB "revival" as seen by the reading public.

Expect alot of spin towards Tory in the headlines and newspaper spin against Labour in the weeks to come. Many of The Sun's readers will be influenced by this so it will make an impact.

  Bapou 10:42 30 Sep 2009

Brown says people decide elections not newspapers. Tony Blair must not have thought this when he nipped down to Australia to address Murdock executives before his election. Can't recall Gordon Brown being invited to do the same.

I wouldn't be surprised if Cameron has already been to lunch with Murdock in the canteen.

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