Summer sun = hosepipe ban

  Quickbeam 08:05 07 Jul 2010

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How long before we can collect enough water for the lean years?

As one that remembers the standpipes in the mid '70s droughts, I don't think we've moved on so far for a first world country.

  sunnystaines 08:26 07 Jul 2010

I am not in the north but cannot understand why an area with the most rainfall has a shortage. Is it because there is a lot of heavy industry up north that uses more water or the water boards up there are poor at fixing leeks.

anyone up that way able to answer.

  babybell 08:48 07 Jul 2010

"I am not in the north but cannot understand why an area with the most rainfall has a shortage"

Quote from article: "Water levels in many reservoirs and lakes have plummeted to less than half their capacity due to the region's driest start to the year since 1929"

It doesn't appear to be as wet as you believe!

  BT 08:55 07 Jul 2010

I remember the 70's standpipes. Do they still use them?
Before I moved from London we had regular times when the water was off where I lived due to issues with a large local water main that seemed to burst on a regular basis.
Its my understanding that the hydrants where standpipes are installed are on a separate system, so shouldn't be affected, but in recent years they weren't used and Thames Water took to delivering bottled water. The problem was we lived in a large block of flats and they use to dump a stack of bottles in the entrance hall and certain people would take more than their fair share, and people who were out at the time wouldn't get any. I once saw about 30 or 40 bottles stacked in someone's garage.

  Quickbeam 09:01 07 Jul 2010

I think that long term we'll have to look at more reservoirs. The last major build of them was in the '30s when the population was less than 40 million. Water usage was more efficient with only a weekly bath, a weekly washday and weekly car washing chores for only about 1 in a thousand.

  sunnystaines 09:22 07 Jul 2010

I think thats what is needed, like new power stations everyone keeps dithering and nothing is done till it will be too late.

  Chegs ®™ 09:56 07 Jul 2010

I live in the north west and while you've all been basking in the sunshine over the last few weeks,I've had perhaps two days where its been warm enough to sit outside.The last few days,its rained and although the weather can vary between this valley & the next(where Ennerdale Water is)I cannot understand why we've been subjected to a hosepipe ban.

  bri-an 11:02 07 Jul 2010

"I think that long term we'll have to look at more reservoirs"

But we can't even fill the ones we have already!! (;-0)

  Quickbeam 11:50 07 Jul 2010

There's plenty of water falling in this country, but we have to keep more of it from flowing straight back into the sea before we've used it.

  DANZIG 11:55 07 Jul 2010

I live in west Yorkshire, its raining at the moment, however it has been strangely dry the past month or so. Hope it stays like this till mid August, then it can do what it wants! :-)

  Covergirl 12:14 07 Jul 2010

They appear to be applying the hosepipe ban to rural and semi-rural locations in Cumbria, the only town of any notable size affected being Penrith, Keswick & Barrow etc.

Full story here from local rag.
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Surely it would be better to include all the major conurbations including Carlisle, Workington, Whitehaven, Cockermouth and Maryport?

They are the experts though . . . .

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