Summer Maintenance

  spuds 15:01 14 May 2012

Now that the weather is suppose to be picking up, it might bring out some of our keen DIYer's, who most probably now have to do the tasks that we might try to put off?.

What's on your agenda for the next few months- weather permitting?.

On a personal note, I have some rather long six foot high wooden fencing that requires a coat of preservative, and at present I am looking for options of making an easy task of this. No doubt there are 101 other tasks that need doing as well!.

  wiz-king 15:18 14 May 2012

Started in the nice weather at the weekend.

Stables - repair frost damage to felted roof, paint boxes inside with yearly paint job (red doors, black on walls to about 3ft high and white on the top of the walls) creosote all wood work not painted. Make and fit new barn door. Repair holes in driveway (more frost damage).

Home - New window frames for kitchen, remove old door and frame to kitchen and fit sliding door, make new back door and frame and fit it, likewise made and fit new loft hatch.

Get list of other jobs from She Who Must Be Obeyed, find time to go to work to earn money for the bits!

  birdface 15:59 14 May 2012

The easiest way to do the fence is get someone else to do it.

If not spray it on.

  Aitchbee 16:01 14 May 2012

I plan take down and then replace the insect net screening attached to all of the window frames in my flat, and also thoroughly clean my windows and frames, inside and out.

  spuds 16:22 14 May 2012

" If not spray it on"

We tried that a couple of years ago, using vehicle paint spray equipment, but it wasn't very successful, so it was back to the fence paint bush method, which took ages.

Thought about getting one of those Cuprinol/Ronseal cordless or pump action spray units, but the reviews seem very poor?.

  Woolwell 16:49 14 May 2012

Many householders fail to check their rainwater goods on a regular basis. Gutters should be cleaned (best to wait until after autumn) and downpipes checked. Failures with these are often the main cause of damp in house.

Is the weather picking up? Not in my area this morning but it is much brighter now.

  birdface 17:13 14 May 2012

How about paint roller and tray.Got to be quicker than a brush but may be a bit messy.

Rather be in your position than mine.I have a 5-6Ft hedge right round my garden front side and back that has to be cut at least 4-5 times or more a year.

My 2 pet hates.Painting and Decorating & Gardening.Once I get started I get on Ok but it is getting started that is the problem.I suppose I could count my self like my Van.Old Knackered and ready for the Scrap Heap.

  Condom 17:26 14 May 2012

I did most of the initial hard work in the garden when we had the summer a couple of months ago. With all the rain it was best to keep off as it tends to make things worse tramping around when it is so wet. Did a second weed over the past couple of days but the soil is still very wet.

Umfortunately this year my mahogany conservatory needs recoating with preservative which is not too bad until you have to venture on to the plastic roofing which is a nightmare. Anyway that will have to wait until the clematis which is all over the roof finishes flowering which is not for a few weeks yet so her indoors will surely be looking for other things to add to her never ending list.

  frybluff 17:30 14 May 2012

Don't tempt providence, by talking about weather getting warmer. Someone "up there" might notice it hasn't snowed lately.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 14 May 2012

Renew central heating boiler and 4 radiators, take out hot and cold water tanks

renew all interior doors

Replace the Canopy over the front door

Fit new kitchen.

Check guttering front and back

Replace two 6ft panels

lay new slabs at back

finish concrete on the drive at front

and that's just catching up on what I should have done last year :0)

  amonra 22:01 14 May 2012

Fruitbat. What are you going to do AFTER tea ???

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