Summer is here...

  Kev.Ifty 23:26 04 Jun 2008

You know you have Aerial advertising and you have really irritating POP UP advertising, and it's the Summer barbecue season?

Well, do you think I could combine all three and create a business opportunity?

I was thinking of going on Dragons Den with my idea of making little tiny Banners for Wasps.

When they buzzing around your picnic table they could be introducing you to new and useful products.
I can't think of any more customers that I could attract apart from Jam and Insecticide company's though .

Any help appreciated..

Cheers Kev ;-) Have a good silly season.

  Forum Editor 23:40 04 Jun 2008

you would have SPOW! (Society for the Protection Of Wasps)down on you in a flash, and believe me, they have a sting in their tail.

Your idea has been pinched already, in any case. In remote Chinese villages they use captive grasshoppers to lure hornets. While the unsuspecting hornet is happily munching on hoppy the villagers tie a feather to it by a silken thread. Its free meal over, the hornet flies back to the nest, accompanied by villagers who follow the fluttering feather. The nest is then smoked out, and the villagers feast on the fat, tasty hornet grubs - yum, yum.

It's only a matter of time before a Chinese entrepreneur starts selling feathers with ads on them.

  Stuartli 23:49 04 Jun 2008

It's not summer officially until June 21st...:-)

  Forum Editor 23:56 04 Jun 2008

That reminds me of the old days when I used to use the train every day from a small Surrey station into Waterloo. The small station had a little waiting room on the platform, and on one particularly nippy morning I sat shivering in front of its empty fireplace. The station porter, who I knew well came in and said "it's pretty XXXXXX cold in here today, isn't it?" I replied that it was, and that it would be good to have a bit of a fire. " I can't do that" he replied "British rail don't allow fires until a certain date, no matter how cold it gets".

It seemed to make an odd kind of sense to both of us at the time, that it wasn't officially winter until British rail said it was.

  TopCat® 00:12 05 Jun 2008

Now let's see. You could, perhaps, advertise stripey toothpaste; stripey prison wear (of the old kind) and FlyBe of course, if the wasp doesn't mind. As for any armament ads then I suppose it has to be Stinger missiles.

Going for a lie down now 'til morn! :o) G'night! TC.

  laurie53 08:31 05 Jun 2008

Of course it's summer.

When you go into the garden you find a third of your neighbours sharing their musical tastes with the other two thirds.

  BT 08:38 05 Jun 2008

When your neighbours insist on sharing their efforts of incinerating burgers on the days when you really do need your windows open to keep your house cool and end up with everything stinking of smoke and burgers.

  Jim Thing 16:28 05 Jun 2008

" wasn't officially winter until British rail said it was."

It was just the same in the RN sixty years ago — white hats were compulsory from May(?) till October(?) even if they were festooned with icicles.

That was 60 years ago mind you, when life in the RN was still largely governed by rules laid down by Nelson. I wonder whether it's still the same today? Perhaps someone who's served on our ship could tell me...

  Noels 16:47 05 Jun 2008

What about swatters and sting relief balm, adverts for beer and wine. Charcoal nuts, firelighters. The next Bar.B.Q. The list is endless. A really cracking idea I wish you well!
"Jim Thing" you had it easy, my old CPO gunnery instructor friend used to tell me how they had to break the ice to shave and scrub the decks in bare feet. I don't know what you young generation are complaining about!!

  mrwoowoo 17:23 05 Jun 2008

You know it's summer when....
1/ Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs.
2/ The girls are showing there belly buttons and i nearly hit the car in front.
3/ You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron.
4/The trees are whistling for the dogs.

  mrwoowoo 17:25 05 Jun 2008

there = their...Sorry,too hot to think.

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