Suggestions please?

  Bingalau 14:08 02 Oct 2007

I,along with numerous other members of our association are intending to send a box (Shoebox size) filled with goodies to our troops serving abroad. Has anyone got suggestions as to what to enclose. I'm assuming some of you have friends, or maybe even family serving in places such as Iraq or Afghanistan. But I do know for certain that you are full of ideas. I am not touting for anything other than ideas.

  Moe_G 14:25 02 Oct 2007

Pack of cards?

What about a powerball? click here They are so much fun and good for building arm muscle.

Thats of the top of my head, I'll post if I think of any more.

  Moe_G 14:46 02 Oct 2007

Rubix cube?

  Moe_G 14:54 02 Oct 2007

Ukulele's aren't big either.

  Bingalau 15:29 02 Oct 2007

Moe_G. Pack of cards sounds good, as does the Rubik Cube, but I think it would have to be very small Uke to go in a shoe box size. My wife just suggested a disposable camera which I think is also a good idea. (They could use it and send it home to relatives for processing).

  Moe_G 15:52 02 Oct 2007

Standard ukulele size is 33cm, maybe their are smaller ones about, I don't know, I was just throwing ideas into the air.

Camera is a good idea, but what about a normal cheap film camera and lots of spare films, they could take more pictures and it would be easier to send back.

What about the powerball?

  Cymro. 15:54 02 Oct 2007

Your wifes suggestion of a disposable camera is a good one. But I wonder what the generals and the politicos would say to that as it could lead to some embarrassing photos making it in to the worlds press and so get used as propaganda against the British forces.

I wonder if it would be possible to send some means of helping them communicate with their friends and family back home in the U.K. credits for their mobile phones perhaps.

  Spark6 16:01 02 Oct 2007

An assortment of batteries for the gadgets they already have!

  Bingalau 16:06 02 Oct 2007

Cymro. I honestly think most of them own mobile phones and they also have the use of the Internet in places. Some of them probably already have cameras too, and already send photo's home. But I don't doubt that there are also some of them who don't have these things. The ones that already have will no doubt pass on anything they don't need. I imagine some of them have iPods, etc., but they are also a bit expensive to buy and send, unless you are actually sending to a relative. These things will be given out to the troops in the front line and will be like a lucky dip I suppose. One person may get more or better than his mate but they will share anyway. I'm putting a bit of tinsel in mine and a Santa hat if I can find one.

  Bingalau 16:08 02 Oct 2007

Spark6... Good idea...

  Marko797 16:11 02 Oct 2007

Might be worth checking with Forces type charities (SSAFA etc) click here as to what things are currently being sent. They might have more ideas on what is actually required, .. unlike the damned ukelele. They might be able to advise on cameras and the like too.

My first thoughts were HP sauce, & Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps.

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