Sudden unusually fast broadband speed increase

  CurlyWhirly 10:35 26 Oct 2005

I was downloading a WMV as shown in my screenshot:

click here

As you can see, my download speed was around 2.7 Mb/second and the complete download of 31.8 Mb took only around 10 seconds!

How is this possible as I am running a 1 Mb broadband connection which should give me a theoretical maximum speed of 125 Kb not 2.72 Mb which would be in the region of a 20 Mb connection which doesn't yet exist in the UK!

Could it just be a cache feature?
If so it still *doesn't* explain how the download was so fast.

Any ideas anyone?
Thanks ;0)

  PaulB2005 10:42 26 Oct 2005

Whats the URl for the file?

  p;3 10:53 26 Oct 2005

(CW; wouldnt this be better posted in the helproom section for you?:) )

  CurlyWhirly 10:54 26 Oct 2005

I think I have just worked it out as before I attempted to download it, I had previously tried streaming it.
I only got to around half way through the video when it kept stopping so I decided to download the WMV file itself rather than stream it through a player.

What must have happened was that the previous data (aprox 15 Mb) must have already been in my internet cache which *may* explain the sudden download increase so perhaps it was a false download speed?

  CurlyWhirly 10:56 26 Oct 2005

[quote]Wouldnt this be better posted in the helproom section for you?:)

Hi P;3, it's *not* a problem as such more a curiosity! ;0)

  €dstowe 11:04 26 Oct 2005

I noticed yesterday for about two hours my 2Mb connection was zooming along downloading some large files. I didn't measure that speed but I downloaded 50MB in about one and a half minutes. There couldn't have been anything in the cache as this was the first time I'd looked at that file and I began downloading almost as soon as it connected.

I did hear that BT were experimenting with high speed services but, out in the styx like I am now, I wouldn't have thought I'd be part of it. Unless, of course, like my father getting broadband very early on because the exchange was BB enabled to satisfy the then chairman of BT who lived nearby, perhaps I am near some similar big-wig.

  p;3 11:06 26 Oct 2005

reminds me a bit of the train services; right, I"ll leave you to your speedy BB:))

  spuds 11:31 26 Oct 2005

This broadband and particular speed ratings are a funny old thing. For the last couple of days I seem to register different speeds the system gives, at times it seems very slow.According to certain speedtests, I am only getting 75% efficiency,other times it is showing 95% efficiency, and possibly this is through the local exchange, and problems there.Between 7 and 8.30pm, it is not unusual for a service disconnection to occur,with instant reconnection possible. Now the other day I used click here speedtest, and by refreshing after each check I could get all types of speed readings. Some went completely off scale.

  Bapou 22:56 26 Oct 2005

You seem to have found the right answer as far as your download is concerned. I've often started streaming a large WMV then stopped,gone back chose "Save Target As", the file downloads in seconds. That's with a 512k connection.

  CurlyWhirly 01:40 27 Oct 2005

That is exactly what I did so it *must* be using the cache after all. It freaked me out when I first saw it though! ;0)

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