Subscriptions in Ireland

  Mad Gilbert 22:46 25 Apr 2006

Something that annoys me more than a little is the impracticality of subscribing to most of the main computer magazines from Ireland. PC Advisor advises me that there are no subscription offers for my part of the world, and looking at another major magazines site they want me to pay double what I'd pay in the shops to have it sent to me! When I've seen offers before from PCA, which I've bought every issue of for a few years now, they just didn't make economic sense to go for.

I honestly feel there's a real market there that's being, if not ignored, then certainly not exploited as it might be. Now- I know there's always a premium for extra postage and I'm happy enough to pay it, but it seems bizarre that subscriptions always seem to cost more than just picking the magazine up in the shops. I think the first people to introduce a competitive rate for subscriptions in this country will do very well- and they shield themselves from the temptation to hop to other publications.

Rant over, thanks for listening :)

  bluto1 23:15 25 Apr 2006

Have you looked at the possible market in Ireland? EG How many copies of PCA are sold there? or could be sold there? Are you in Northern Ireland or the Republic? Do they get the mag cheaper in the north? after all it is part of the UK.

  SG Atlantis® 07:41 26 Apr 2006

NI is the same price as the rest of the UK. Last time I paid £19.99 for six months of the DVD and got a free encyclopedia, that's a lot cheaper than shop prices.

  Mad Gilbert 17:42 26 Apr 2006

The magazine is cheaper in the North- I'm from Donegal (I'm actually from a part of 'the South' that's further North than 'the North') but live in Galway now.

I used to just pick up the magazine any time I was in Derry, and now do so any time I'm in Galway City centre. There must be a decent market there as all the bigger newsagents carry a good selection of computer magazines.

  SG Atlantis® 19:01 26 Apr 2006

Don't be so patronising.

  Mad Gilbert 19:35 26 Apr 2006

Didn't mean to be patronising sorry :)

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