Subscription copies early arrival

  jack 08:34 17 May 2008

Much has been written in the past about the the arrival of subscription copies of publications as much as 2 months ahead of cover date.
I note for example there is a post in this forum about disk problems with the July Issue.

My wife has taken it upon herself to resolve this issue in this household.

When such such publications arrive [PCA is not alone in this] she squirrels them away in some secret place until the due date and then they suddenly appear in may chair - ;-{

  Bingalau 08:42 17 May 2008

Are you sure she just doesn't keep them for her own reading material for those couple of months. We always fight over who has first read of the paper in our house. ;-)

  Forum Editor 08:43 17 May 2008

is that you're reading the magazine way after its publication date.

  jack 08:57 17 May 2008

Wives have strategys?
Thats new!

  Forum Editor 08:58 17 May 2008

you have a very great deal to learn about women.

  jack 09:12 17 May 2008

Don't we all?
With 2 daughters 48 and 50 and herself and committees of all sorts run by 'Wimmin'
I learn something new every minute of the day.

  jack 09:13 17 May 2008


  Forum Editor 09:34 17 May 2008

of the workings of the female mind are discussed I'm always reminded of a little story I heard some years ago.

A husband and wife were watching TV, and Joanna Lumley was being interviewed. They watched for a while, and after the programme finished the husband said "You know, that Joanna Lumley certainly is a fine-looking woman for her age, isn't she?" His wife said nothing, not one word.

Months passed, and one evening the couple were eating dinner. The wife said "How's the food?"

"Delicious" said the husband, "although the potatoes are a little underdone"

Stoney silence for a few sconds, followed by

"Then perhaps you should ask Joanna Lumley to do them for you next time"

  Bingalau 14:23 17 May 2008

FE. I like that tale because it is so true. They say an elephant never forgets, but elephants are quite placid compared with a woman scorned.

  Forum Editor 14:26 17 May 2008

Anyone who has lived with a woman knows how true it is, although I don't think I would risk the elephant analogy myself.

I've just noticed my 'stoney' silence as well.

  jack 11:48 18 May 2008

I guess we all know.
For some time past I had been receiving travel brochures relating to a certain destination, and sitting deeply ensconced -as you do.
I was thus engaged one day with a new arrival - and herself seeing the cover if the book in my paw said 'Oh for heavens sake go and get it out of your system- but I am not coming.'
With no more ado I visited the local travel agent and fixed it.
I returned home and duly reported - Trip fixed next February to Antarctica.
Such was the chill in the air that I thought I was already there.
And the 'cold spell' persisted, until about a month later when our teacher daughter, visited on half term and Herself told her where I was off too the February following- ' I want to come' said daughter-'You cannot you are at school' I said-
She dug out her diary- 'When is it?
Hmm that's half term-I need five more days- I've doing this job for 20 years- I shall have to persuade the Head I'm worth it'- She did and she did- A quick check the with the agent- accommodation was OK[twin cabin anyway] and the flight had room.
So that was then the thaw set it- when Herself discovered I would have a 'chaperon'

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