Subjective or objective

  spikeychris 18:07 09 Feb 2008

Are you influenced by websites such as click here

  anskyber 18:20 09 Feb 2008


Unless you ask if I look for more information, perhaps from less campaigning sites. I have an instinctive aversion to propaganda in this form even if I see some truth in what is said.

Such sites have little real interest in a balanced approach.

  Forum Editor 18:42 09 Feb 2008

where this is concerned, and it's patronising to boot.

I don't need an animation (albeit a beautifully made one) to inform myself about such things.

  anskyber 18:42 09 Feb 2008

The thought has occurred to me in the past!

Our schizophrenic alter egos? :-))

  spikeychris 19:08 09 Feb 2008

So the first thing to do is doubt, look for agendas and research the authors? I suggest most people will not – they will see the very well put together movies and possibly change their perspective. I feel the movie makers have done their job and it’s up to us to look at the other side for explanation.

  Forum Editor 19:20 09 Feb 2008

Undoubtedly, if by that you mean the animators - the technical people who created the files. If, on the other hand you mean the people who are behind the whole thing, then you're right again - they have done their job, if their job was to produce a simplistic, patronising piece of propaganda.

The fact is, most people haven't much of a clue about how their food arrives on the plate, and as long as the price is as low as possible they don't care that much. People like Jamie Oliver can achieve more in a single half-hour TV show than the producers of The Meatrix can ever do. In my opinion most of us have an instinctive aversion to the views expressed by extremists.

  Cymro. 10:41 10 Feb 2008

Like most kinds of propaganda it has a grain of truth in it that the extremists use for their own purposes.

As for if I am influenced by it, no I am not. In fact if it was not for this posting I would never even have seen it. Now that I have seen it I just think of it as another peace of extremist propaganda.

As F.E.said
"The fact is, most people haven't much of a clue about how their food arrives on the plate, and as long as the price is as low as possible they don't care that much".

I am most certainly one such person and will only start to worry about such things when we have managed to wipe out famine in this world. Feed the starving first, then start to worry about such things.

  Forum Editor 10:54 10 Feb 2008

"Feed the starving first, then start to worry about such things."

Yes, you'll not find much opposition to battery-farming in parts of Africa.

  Cymro. 11:05 10 Feb 2008

I suppose that the ultimate argument would be to persuade us all to became vegetarian. It has even been argued that it would be easier to feed the world if all agricultural land was given over to growing crops.

The theory being that in that way we could feed the whole world much easier. I don`t know if it would work but it is an interesting theory. It would make for a rather strange sort of world though. Just think of it, no bacon sandwiches.

  spikeychris 11:36 10 Feb 2008

So its irrelevant how we treat animals whist there are hungry people in the world?

  Cymro. 11:38 10 Feb 2008

I will be going off to the pub for my Sunday lunch and a pint or three latter, so can anyone come up with a reason why I should feel guilty about eating what will probably be factory farmed meat this lunchtime.

I am not going to a class of place that serves organic food and even if I was it would be wasted on me.

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