On the subject of spam- my ISP seems to be

  jack 10:29 11 Sep 2009

collecting a new type in the spam box.
Addressed me they all start -Re:[indicating a response?] then an individuals name- and occasionally a comment like - 'Your Letter' in the title
The message is always the same some wonderful software to try.
Oh Yeah!
Thank you ISP for trapping them.

  cycoze 11:04 11 Sep 2009

I have noticed the same over the last week, their trying to make it look like they are replying to you.

Appears to be an increase in spam over the last month or so, I guess just saying that will bring a flood of replies stating "I never get spam", I don't on a couple of addresses, but the others I use for signing up on sites always seem to bring spam.

  Cymro. 12:27 11 Sep 2009

My spam increased when I downloaded Google Chrome when it first came out. As soon as I got rid of it the number of span I got reduced once again.

  crosstrainer 14:30 11 Sep 2009

For weeks you get very little, and all of a sudden hundreds of the things.

Glad this was posted, My ISP traps most, and since I don't use webmail, I'd better empty my online spam box!

  crosstrainer 14:34 11 Sep 2009

246 Trapped by ISP, about 20 per day to my junk mail box....Not bad when you consider I get upwards of 100 emails a day!

246, All advertising the usual age targeted rubbish.

  jack 17:52 11 Sep 2009

Neither I - but I do look in the ISP spam box daily because occasionally it will trap something I would like to see - one example
Free Cycle - some of the offers wind up in there
no idea why when the majority come in on the normal E-client.
But sods law says the one you miss was the bargain of the year ;-[

  crosstrainer 18:47 11 Sep 2009

Must be an age thing :)) All I get is pills ads for dubious pills and potions...Won't mention but you get the idea.

Not going to look through blocked domains to see If I have missed anything.... :))

  morddwyd 20:02 11 Sep 2009

"I do look in the ISP spam box daily because occasionally it will trap something I would like to see"

Twice in the last week I've had "forum response" messages diverted to my spam trap.

Doesn't happen too often, but it's wise to check it every now and again.

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