Stupidest Xmas happening?

  chub_tor 10:33 28 Dec 2010

So what was the stupidest thing that you did over Christmas? Mine was late last night when my wife brought through the remains of a Christmas Chocolate Log and some Stollen smothered in Baileys Irish Cream Dessert Sauce on a flattish plate. My netbook was on my lap on a padded lapstand with a brand new Bluetooth mouse along side it. Not having room for both I decided to put the netbook down and slide it under my armchair while at the same time taking in my other hand the plate of creamy dessert. Of course I was unable to keep both things horizontal with the end result that the cream ran off the plate and where did it go? You guessed it, all over the mouse and down into its innards via the gap between the scroll wheel and the body!

My immediate reactions were good - switch off the mouse, take out the batteries and rush into the kitchen where water was liberally run into the gap where the cream had gone. Then it was placed on a radiator overnight where I am pleased to say it has just been rescued, reassembled and so far is working. The wheel runs freely and a major catastrophe seems to have been averted.

That's my tale - so what is the stupidest thing you did over Christmas - drunk or sober....

  Noldi 11:17 28 Dec 2010

Returned to work this morning (Tue). And that was done sober.


  peter99co 11:59 28 Dec 2010

If you watch You've Been Framed you could see a huge whole cream cake falling cream side down on an open laptop. Being square it was a perfect fit.

  Pine Man 12:06 28 Dec 2010

Took the turkey out of the roasting dish and then squirted a load of neat washing up liquid into it to help remove the bits of meat etc that had stuck to the bottom.

After a short while, and a couple (or was it three?) glasses later I returned to the kitchen for something and noticed a juicy bit of turkey nestling in the roasting dish which I couldn't resist eating!!!

It took a while to realise what I had done BUT I'll never, ever forget that taste and the burning sensation as I swallowed it.

Everything I ate or drank for the next hour or so tasted foul.

  robin_x 12:42 28 Dec 2010

I just fancy a bit of Stollen now.

  gengiscant 13:58 28 Dec 2010

Not sure if it was the stupidest thing I have ever done over Christmas, a single man in foreign climes at Christmas time brings back some strange memories.
But back to this year, a rather large amount of Vodka and then remembering to take my pills.They didn't mix at all well. When I eventually surfaced I was still stoned and remained that way for the rest of the day/night.It took another 12 hours of sleep to clear my head.

  morddwyd 19:37 28 Dec 2010

Tried to reason with a fractious five year old!

That really is stupid.

  Uboat 20:32 28 Dec 2010

This is a belter! 2 christmases ago the wife decided she wanted a frozen pizza one night late december, she took it out of the wrapping and placed it in the oven, ten mins went past i said thats a weird smell isnt it coming from the kitchen??

it smelled of chemicals so i said the obvious question which was "tell me you took the wrapping off the pizza before you put it in the oven?"

she said of cause i did stupid! grr

So some time later when it was almost cremated like everything else she cooks lol she cut it then put the pizza on our plates in pieces, i bit into mine and finished of a piece and said that tasts bloody awfull check the expiry date hun, she said its well in date.??

what she had done is didnt see the polystyrene white base underneath and cooked the pizza with it still under it! & the polystyrene base had melted into the pizza..i went sick and wanted to vomit but i couldnt..

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