Stunning pics, but would you suffer like this.....

  canarieslover 14:28 26 Feb 2010

... for them? click here Lucky there weren't any crocs sharing the pool with him!!!

  Uboat 14:38 26 Feb 2010

Yes they are stunning ! ty for them!!

  peter99co 14:42 26 Feb 2010

Fair made his skin creep. I think a wetsuit will be worth thinking about if he attempts it again.

Lions were only a leap away. How do you hold the camera steady?

  zzzz999 05:37 27 Feb 2010

waiter, waiter, there's a photographer in my water

  peter99co 22:12 28 Feb 2010

That's not water its a broth!

  zzzz999 03:33 01 Mar 2010

That's broth....curse this neuvelle cuisine

  mrwoowoo 03:45 01 Mar 2010

I'd be lion if i said i didn't groan at those comments.

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