Stuff to do for a gap-year

  simon_lambert 21:02 19 May 2007

After my summer A2 exams, I have a gap year, but I haven't decided what to do with myself. I will be going away for the second half of the (academic) year, so I have 6 months with no commitments.

If anyone has any good ideas for what I can do, I would be grateful to hear them. I had a few in mind, writing a book for example, getting a refereeing qualification, learning a language etc... I don't want a job as I have been at school now for 13 years, and I want some time to myself.

Anyone got any 'You must do this before you die...' things?


  Forum Editor 21:15 19 May 2007

Spend time sitting in the Courts of Justice in the Strand. You can sit in any of the courts and listen to senior judges trying fascinating cases. There's an excellent canteen where you can get a reasonably priced lunch, and you'll learn things about the law, and the way it's administered that will broaden your horizons. You'll also learn a great deal about human nature.

It's free, apart from anything you buy in the canteen, and the time will fly by.

  simon_lambert 21:58 19 May 2007

Yeah thats a good idea. Learning to drive is on my list too, when Ive passed I will look into that.

  spuds 22:29 19 May 2007

Any volunteer groups in your area, that may need a little free help?.

All helps to broaden the horizon ;o)

  donki 22:51 19 May 2007

I scuba dive when i can, 6 months you could to your qualification to be certified then travel around the worlds best dive spots........ All u need as around £5000 lol

But would be such an experience.

  laurie53 09:16 20 May 2007

Just take off, that's what my son did (ended up in Turkey, in a village that even most Turks had never heard of!).

It's a gap "year". Make it that, don't do anything that involves concentration, or learning, or work, other than for food and shelter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:22 20 May 2007

Go around the world taking jobs if necessary to support yourself. It will probably be the only chance you get to see many countries that you will never see again and you will gain more experience than anything else you can do.


  DrScott 09:32 20 May 2007

click here

though if you're going away for the second part of the year that might be a bit too much travelling (if you could do such a thing!)

  Forum Editor 11:45 20 May 2007

during his gap year, and worked for an Australian mobile phone network. He lived in a tower block overlooking Sydney harbour, and says he had a marvellous time (I'm sure I heard an edited version). He came back knowing a lot about Australia and the Australians. He also knows a good deal about how the mobile phone industry works, and spent a few days sleeping on the deck of a boat in the whitsunday Islands, where he said the starlight was so bright he could read a book at midnight.

He went to Australia via South America, Fiji, and New Zealand, and worked to supplement his meagre budget - he left the UK with £1500 on his debit card.

It's good to have company if you're travelling - my son went with his girlfriend, but by mutual agreement they went their separate ways in Australia, meeting up again to travel home together.

  spuds 11:59 20 May 2007

The problem with travelling the world under your own steam, is to make sure that you have a set time scale of places to visit,available back-up and return arrangements.

I knew two people who decided to travel the world, and in both cases their 'fixed' plans went completely out of the window. One person who I knew in SEA, worked his way from Malaya and eventually finished up, working in an hotel in London for 12 months, before returning back to Malaya. Steven Boon, if you are reading this, remember the good times, and drop us a line perhaps.

In another case, a cockney lad (Ted?)and his three mates decided to work their way to Australia. Ted reached Brunei and worked 3 month on a boat project, then left for fields new. His two mates gave up part way on the venture, abandoned their Land Rover and returned home.

  simon_lambert 12:27 20 May 2007

I will be going to India to work in a school voluntarily for the second part of the year, and so most of my savings will be put into that.
I would like to go abroad but I can't really afford to, I was thinking of things that I could do that I could do in the UK.

I have been to Australia when I was a kid, I really recommend it, it is the coolest place on Earth.

Keep the suggestions coming please!


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