Students are revolting again

  carver 08:55 16 Nov 2010

If the next student protest goes the same as the last one then they are going to lose a lot of support click here

Any reason to stereotype them as thugs and vandals will do them no good at all, just like this person click here

  Strawballs 10:13 16 Nov 2010

Any big protest has the potential of getting highjacked as they said on the news the last protests that big were the poll tax ones 20yrs ago

  carver 10:21 16 Nov 2010

Have to agree about it getting hijacked but that stunt with the fire extinguisher was so stupid, just what did he think would happen if it hit some one, he could have been looking at manslaughter.

  Pine Man 10:34 16 Nov 2010

Attempted murder - maybe! click here

  jakimo 11:07 16 Nov 2010

.'what did he think would happen if it hit some one, he could have been looking at manslaughter'

Well he didn't think,like so many protesters,he was probably egged on by agitators who's job is to stir up the protesters to a physically aggressive state, then fade away into the background when it all gets out of hand

  morddwyd 16:07 16 Nov 2010

There was an ex-senior policeman on the other night who made that very point.

The agitators have two plans - if the police are thin on the ground provoke the demonstrators into action, as in this case, or if there is a heavy police presence provoke the police, as in G20.

  jakimo 18:46 16 Nov 2010

You are forgetting the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protest,they dont come much more violent than that

  Forum Editor 19:18 16 Nov 2010

into a crowd of Police Officers can only result in one charge; that of attempted murder. You don't throw something that heavy from a tower block roof into a crowd of people unless you intend to kill someone.

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