Street View goes live today

  ened 16:03 19 Mar 2009

in 25 British Cities
click here

  Al94 17:23 19 Mar 2009

fantastic picture quality - I notice all car registration numbers are blanked out.

  bjh 17:45 19 Mar 2009

I saw one of the cars, several times in a half hour a couple of months ago, while I was walking around Cambridge. Cameras pointing all over the shop, and a huge monitor on the passenger seat showing the pictures. Driver seemed more interested in his monitor than the pedestrians & cyclists. Now I think back, I think it was a left-hand drive car, so maybe they've done mainland Europe already...

I also saw one on a tiny back street of Bury St Edmunds, so I guess they are spreading rurally as they go!

I guess I'd better trawl round Cambridge on Google Maps to check they've deleted my ugly mug!

(I note my old house in Cambridge looks MUCH smarter... new front door... can see straight in the windows, too... I'm surprised windows aren't blacked out in some way.)

  anthonystorey 17:52 19 Mar 2009

i live in sheffield and i you can see my reg for my old car as plain as day and i got rid of 6 months ago . anyhow its a great addition to google earth and ive been playing around for ages (especilly if your areas covered)

  simonjary 17:55 19 Mar 2009

There have been quite a few funny incidents captured in the snapshot that is Google Street View.

If you find any in your journeys around Street View, please send us the links or post the details here.

We'll gather the best ones (with credits, of course) into an online feature.


Publisher, PC Advisor

  mark2 18:13 19 Mar 2009

And today I saw the google car as I stepped outside for my teabreak in the sun in Bath, now caught at home and work

  Monoux 18:53 19 Mar 2009

bjh -- Saw one in Elmswell a couple of days ago

  cheap 20:38 19 Mar 2009

I have officialy been googled

I'm sat in the driver's seat

click here

  Kaacee 22:19 19 Mar 2009

How do you get to see it?

  ened 06:48 20 Mar 2009

Go to Google Maps.

Type one of the cities in the search bar,zoom in a little closer until you find a street you want to visit.

There is a little orange pin on the top right of your screen (where the zoom in and out buttons are).

Drag it and drop it onto your choice of street.

  dagbladet 09:00 20 Mar 2009


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