Strangest magazine you have bought?

  johndere 11:08 27 Aug 2006

A friend used to read an american monthly magazine that was aimed at mercenries or soldiers of fortune. Used to offer all the latest gear as well.

  igk 11:41 27 Aug 2006

Well that's just typical Yank! the strangest magazine that I have read is this one P.C.Advisor I'm amazed at the technical errors in tutorials (if you can call them that) and when you point out errors there is no reply.
I'm taking bets that this will be deleted!!

  freaky 12:13 27 Aug 2006


  anskyber 12:22 27 Aug 2006

Enlighten us with an example.

  johndere 12:49 27 Aug 2006

Sorry to disapoint you but i'm not a yank!
Born within earshot of bow bells which makes me a Londoner, me thinks.

As for strangest magazines, the thread was started to see what other forum users have seen or read. As a fan of Have I Got News For You, they often have a guest publication, some of which users here may have read.

  pj123 13:44 27 Aug 2006

I watch "Have I got news for you" but I believe their "guest publication" is made up?

I can make a spoof "guest publication" using Microsoft Publisher any time I like.

  egapup 15:31 27 Aug 2006

Remember a mag called "Mad" that was quite strange as i recall.

  wee eddie 16:24 27 Aug 2006

It was an A3 sheet, folded to A5, and either shadow printed (which was easy to read and more often done by Oz) or printed onto a photo or number of photos (which was almost impossible to read).

Most of those that worked on it did so for virtually nothing but just sufficient to live off and complementary tickets to everything!

  johndere 17:34 27 Aug 2006

is not made up the reason i know is that popular pig breeder is still going strong, new copy in front of me as i type!

  Bingalau 19:50 27 Aug 2006

"Egyptian AFO's" many years ago when I was a lad. ..Bingalau..

  bob308w 20:04 27 Aug 2006

yep, Mad magazine, remember it well, with Alfred E.Neuman and the axlotl. Was the forerunner of "Private Eye" if I remember correctly.

johndere; I used to be a fan of "Have I got news for you" untill I found out that it took 8-9 hours to film each episode, so much for spontaneous wit ! Went right off the program knowing that it was all rehearsed.

pj123; Inclined to agree that some of the mags are made up, they are certainly not stocked in Smiths!

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