strange purchases?

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there must be some gullible people about!
i just gave away a perfectly good full size snooker table to a charity shop because i couldnt sell it and yet someone can sell snowballs? must be doing something wrong

  spuds 18:57 13 Jan 2007

If you look or wait long enough, there will always be someone who wants something.

An eBay seller once sold a can of authentic Welsh Fresh Air once ;o)

  Jim Thing 20:07 13 Jan 2007

"An eBay seller once sold a can of authentic Welsh Fresh Air once ;o)"

Reminds me of the story of the chap on a street corner in NY City flogging cans of "Pure Water — Just Add Coffee."

  Stuartli 21:01 13 Jan 2007

Little difference I would think to buying cans of compressed air for blowing dust away in computer fans and cases etc...:-)

At least you get more air....

  Kate B 12:38 14 Jan 2007

I saw a couple of oxygen bars in Vegas shopping malls - people paying to breathe through a mask. Go figure.

my brothers lived in la for 22 years, and i'd believe anything over, trying not to stereotype ,'/

  rodriguez 13:48 14 Jan 2007

With all this global warming and danger of the polar ice caps melting, they should start selling the snow to the North Pole. :-D

  pavvi 10:23 15 Jan 2007

I know that it wasn't long ago that you could buy water with extra oxygen added to it.....didn't notice any bef=nefit myself after buying a bottle

  €dstowe 10:42 15 Jan 2007

There was a huge advertising campaign a year or so ago extolling the virtues of a bottled water with a high calcium content. It was being promoted particularly for children to aid bone growth.

There are two things amiss with this, the first is that the majority of tap water in the UK contains plenty of calcium (it is, with magnesium, the usual cause of hard water) and, often, there is a huge amount of money spent in removing it. Second, the amount of calcium obtainable from a bottle of mineral water would be minuscule compared with the daily calcium requirements of a growing child.

  €dstowe 10:45 15 Jan 2007

Oxygen bars used to be quite common in Tokyo and other large Japanese cities - they might still be - it's a while since I've been there.

With the amount of atmospheric pollution there, these facilities are needed.

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