Strange Christmas presents?

  Blackhat 00:34 26 Dec 2007

Did anyone get anything weird this year?

I had one from my brother, he said I was carved by a friend of his from a piece of wood he found in a local park, and apparently he does this a lot and even sells some of them. It is supposedly abstract but if anyone can shed any light on the object I would be grateful. It is about 6 inches tall.

click here

  laurie53 06:55 26 Dec 2007

A baboon?

  Coffee Adict 07:14 26 Dec 2007


  €dstowe 07:15 26 Dec 2007

I think the people who make these are called driftwood artists. Originally they created their works of art from driftwood washed ashore and, if they aren't near the sea they use whatever wood they can find.

The "creation" is restrained by the shape of the starting piece - which they try to preserve in the final work.

I think that piece is quite nice.

  Bingalau 10:28 26 Dec 2007

I think it quite nice too. Much better than some of the rubbish that passes for art these days.

  Bingalau 10:36 26 Dec 2007

My wife got a strange present from a daughter in law who knows she likes to do crosswords. She was presented with one which is supposed to be "The World's Largest Crossword Puzzle" 42.5 Square feet in size, 91,000 squares on the grid,24,718 clues in 104 page book, hangs on wall or spreads on floor. I can see it ending up on e-bay as we haven't got enough spare space to put it anywhere. We are still laughing about some of the places we have been advised to stick it.. Good job Brumas is away for a couple of days, or he would also be giving us advice on that subject...

  v1asco 10:51 26 Dec 2007

I was given a crossword toilet roll once. Good laugh if not a bit impractical.

I was also given a large crossword, we hung it on one wall in the hall with a pen handy, all werer invited to complete. A year later it was still not finished.

  Bingalau 11:35 26 Dec 2007

The boss likes to sit in bed on Sunday mornings and complete the crossword from the Saturday night's Liverpool Echo. There's no way she could handle this amount of paper in bed though. Maybe if it had been made of some sort of cloth we could have used them as a bedsheet.

  Earthsea 11:51 26 Dec 2007

It reminds me a bit of the transporter malfunction scene in the first Star Trek film. Obviously not the Vulcan though as it doesn't have pointy ears.

  realist 16:25 26 Dec 2007

Bought the cat a life-sized radio controlled bird-eating tarantula.

She and I have great fun with it.

Wife had to make do with an electric hand-mixer and a battery powered can-opener which, it has to be said, are not nearly so much fun.

  wiz-king 17:35 26 Dec 2007

I bought the wife one of those spiders to add to her collection of singing hamsters etc, it also keeps the dogs amused as they both like chasing spiders.

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