This story amused me

  Noldi 06:24 20 Feb 2009

click here

Few red faces here but it’s the times we live in we have to learn other languages if you are dealing with the public.


  laurie53 08:14 20 Feb 2009

Why should we have to learn another language?

All EU licences should be in English, or we should ban all Poles!

It is amusing though.

  interzone55 08:54 20 Feb 2009

I wonder how many Polish police are looking for a British man called Driving Licence?

Although Polish is not a language many foreigners know, we are very lazy in the UK when it comes to learning a second language.

In my place of work we have a couple of dozen Polish warehouse staff, all but one speak English, we have a couple of pickers from Kenya, again, they both understand English and speak a little. Then there's the Korean girl, the Czech, the Lithuanian oh we're a veritable United Nations here, we even have a couple of Welsh staff, and they can all converse perfectly well in English.

Now if you go to any of the Brit Ex-Pat enclaves around the globe, the vast majority refuse to speak the local language, yet we insist that any foreign workers here use English...

  FreMar 09:37 20 Feb 2009

English is the worlds universal language, all of the worlds airlines converse to pilots in it, as do most international bussiness meetings.

  Noldi 11:33 20 Feb 2009

English maybe the international language but you will find out how bad your English is when you come to learn another language. Then you find out they understand the make up of your English better then you do.


  Picklefactory 11:46 20 Feb 2009

True. My partner is Polish and whilst I don't think my command of the English language is great compared to some, it's not too bad either, but I'm getting really tired and embarrassed over how many grammatical questions she asks me, that I don't know the answer to.
Problem is, they tend to learn much as we did at school, very formally, and I cannot remember a quarter of the tenses, grammatical terminology etc etc.

  Noldi 11:56 20 Feb 2009

I would have been fluent in German after about 3 - 4 years if I had studied English better at School. Now it’s coming up 10 years and im just getting there. (Still remember a thread we had about people learning a language in 3 months)

My hard drive is full and its not going to get any bigger so my English spelling has gone down hill.


  Forum Editor 18:03 20 Feb 2009

can't speak their native language properly. I have a Polish colleague whose grasp of English grammar is streets ahead of many of the British people I know.

When I travel abroad I am constantly reminded that in lots of other countries people routinely speak good English as well as their own language, and sometimes a third language as well.

The way our education system neglects to teach our children to speak and write English correctly is a National disgrace, as is the fact that most children leave school without even a rudimentary grasp of a second language.

It's yet another example of how we are gradually allowing other European, Asian, and some South American countries to show us how it should be done - we should be ashamed of ourselves.

  bluto1 19:00 20 Feb 2009

I think by now PRAWO JAZDY is an honorary leprachaun.:-))

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:27 20 Feb 2009

but my last job used to take me to Poland about 4 times a year, the first time I picked up a hire car from Krakow airport and drove into the city looking for my hotel I committed the sin of trying to look at a map on the passenger seat and drive at the same time. I looked up just to too late to see a Policeman pointing a speed camera at me. Needless to say he flagged me down (with one hand on his submachine gun!) and we started a disjointed conversation with lots of gesticulations. Anyway, he wrote down the fine which seemed and immense amount of Zlotys, I paid up and thought about how I could 'lose' this on my expenses without being found out by my finance team.
When I eventually sat down in my hotel room and worked out how much it was it turned out to be the equivalent of £6!

  Stuartli 22:57 20 Feb 2009

Before going out for a half pint of Guinness lst night, I printed a copy of this story to show a pal of mine who is of Irish descent.

He thought it was hilariously funny.

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