Storm warning

  Forum Editor 12:01 16 Jun 2007

I'm seeing the first signs of an approaching thunderstorm here, in North London, despite the fact that nothing appears on the Newport storm data site.

click here

Now might be an appropriate time to remind everyone of the need to take precautions to protect valuable computer equipment during summer thunderstorms. All it takes is one near strike and the resulting voltage spike can wipe out your electronic pride and joy.

There are all kinds of anti-surge devices available, but to be honest the only real protection when a storm is raging is to pull all power plugs from the wall sockets and disconnect the phone line from your modem/router.

The sit back and enjoy a drink until the storm passes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:43 16 Jun 2007

Good advice

I was off line yesterday for a couple of hours during the storms in the Midlands.

  PP321 13:14 16 Jun 2007


I ALLWAYS use that site!

Last summer we had a huge thunderstorm round here (liverpool) and there was nothing showing up on isle of wight weather.

i use these as well

click here

click here

click here

click here

Facinating stuff.

  TopCat® 14:08 16 Jun 2007

This is the site I always use. click here It is usually about half an hour behind time but it's possible to go back to see which direction the rain is moving. Then, of course, further news and forecasts for all areas are easy to get to. TC.

  TopCat® 14:14 16 Jun 2007

you can click on the map roughly over your area and get local weather info. TC.

  HCOOH 14:16 16 Jun 2007

You will have plenty to drink if it happens like yesterday. Must get the boat off the trailer just in case.

  Forum Editor 14:22 16 Jun 2007

Our little storm has passed now, although I think we'll get some more before the weekend's out.

The rain fell down in buckets, and as I drove up our lane I noticed that one of my neighbours had left his Porsche Boxter in the drive with the top down. I jumped out to warn him, but he didn't answer the door. The car has half an inch of water inside, and the leather got a thorough soaking - he'll not be a happy bunny.

  TopCat® 14:47 16 Jun 2007

excellent links and the timely warning. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say! :o) TC.

  georgemac © 17:05 16 Jun 2007

Don't know if the radar covers us up here in NE Scotland. On Sunday night just past I was still offshore but my wife said it was the worst lightning storm she has ever witnessed, lasted about 5 hours through the night. We were lucky, everything was off and no damage.

Just been to visit a relation about 3 miles away - not so lucky, phone line is u/s and still waiting on BT, dvd player, video and expensive hi fi system radio are goosed. I have taken the router over to check it but the ADSL filter is burned black, and the electrical system in the house was buzzing, at one point all the RCD's had tripped and the electric supply was on and off numerous times.

Will be investing in some surge protection and think I will get some more myself. Seems to be some good Belkin products on Amazon.

  Forum Editor 17:23 16 Jun 2007

No surge protector will give a guarantee of protection from lightning strikes, but some are much better than others.

Here, briefly, are some of the things to look for in a good protector:

1.Enough connections to protect all the components in your system.

2. An on/off switch allowing you to shut off power to every component.

3. An indicator light or audible alarm so you know a high-level surge has occurred.

4. A low clamping voltage. This is the level at which the device begins to block the surge - the lower the clamping voltage, the better.

5. The total energy dissipation - the higher the better.

6. A joule rating of at least 400 is good; 600 is better, and higher is better still. This is a measure of the ability to absorb surges.

7. A response time of 10 nanoseconds or less.

8. Protection on all three conductor combinations: Live/Earth, Neutral/Earth, Live/Neutral.

8.A warranty against damage to any connected equipment. Keep in mind what I've already said about no surge protector being fully warranted against lightning strikes.

9.Filters for line noise, also known as electromagnetic interference.

  MrNerdy 17:36 16 Jun 2007

Blue sky & sunshine in leafy Surrey.
One slight rain cloud this morning, cloudy for part the afternoon.

Hope it clears up before the long journey north tomorrow/Monday.
May decide to fly up instead?

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